Never Thought This Would Happen

Chloe and her three friends, Britney, Madiee and Heidi have loved One Direction from the minute they were formed, Chloe loves Harry, Britney loves Liam, Madiee loves Niall and Heidi Loves Louis.. Will their dreams come true?


11. School. Worst day ever.

I woke up to my alarm beeping. I walked out into the kitchen and started making breakfast. I ate then went for a shower. I put on my Pink jeans and my flowy pink flower top with my white flats.

It was 8:00am so I started to walk to school. I got to school and saw Mikayla and her group. I quickly hid until they left. I went inside to my locker and put my stuff in it. I closed my locker door and turned to see Mikayla and Jordan. Jordan was her bestfriend, they bullied together.

"So, your dating Harry I see." Mikayla said with a smile on her face.

"Yeah." I said suprisingly quiet.

"You don't deserve him, he needs someone pretty and talented and popular." Jordan said with a proud look on her face. I ran off into the toilets and got in a cubicle and locked it. I silently sobbed to myself. Then I heard the toilet door open.

"Chloe, are you in here?!" I heard Britney, Madiee and Heidi scream.

I pushed the door open and burst into tears. They hugged me to try and make me feel better. It's not going to work.

"Are you okay, babe? What's up?" Britney whispered rubbing my back.

"Mikayla and Jordan. They are being such bitches!" I said in between breaths.

"Babe, don't worry about them, block them out. They will eventually stop." Britney said sympathetically.

"I try my hardest. It doesn't work." I say still bawling.

"Come on, let's clean you up." Madiee said helping me up.

When I hadn't looked like I was crying anymore, we left. Heidi and I went to our first class. Britney and Madiee had Drama. Heidi and I had biology. Guess who was in our Biology class? Mikayla and Jordan.

I went and sat next to Heidi at the back. Mikayla and Jordan kept looking at me and laughing. Can't they just leave?

The rest of the school day SUCKED! I feel the way that I did when I went to commit suicide last year.

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