Never Thought This Would Happen

Chloe and her three friends, Britney, Madiee and Heidi have loved One Direction from the minute they were formed, Chloe loves Harry, Britney loves Liam, Madiee loves Niall and Heidi Loves Louis.. Will their dreams come true?


18. Party

We got to the club just intime. People were just arriving. Harry and I stood at the door and greeted everyone. When we said hello to everyone the party started.

The first song they played was 'Want U Back' By Cher Lloyd. It reminded me of me and Harry in the car. Harry and I laughed and sang along. We walked up to the bar and ordered our alchohol.

When the cake got brought out everyone went silent. It was a cake that had cats on it! We sang happy birthday and Harry blew out the candles. When he finished, the party went back to normal.

It was about 2 hours into the party and everyone was already drunk.

"You and Harry are gonna get it onnnnn!" Niall said. That made me laugh really hard.

"Niall, get away from my girl!" Harry said playfully.

"She's pretty hot!" Niall said jokingly.

"Yes." Harry said.

"Britney, Madiee and Heidi are here!" I screamed running to them, almost falling over.

"Wow, your drunk!" Britney said looking at me.

"Shhhh!" I said wobbly.

"Guess what?" Madiee said to me.

"What? Does it look like i'm in the state of guessing right now?!" I said angrily.

"Sorry, we're all staying at Harry's for the night, Us girls and the whole of One Direction!" Madiee said.

I screamed.

The rest of the night was fun, Harry and I dirty danced one stage. That was freakin' hilarious. Us girls and 1D danced and sang together the whole night. I saw a connection between, Liam and Britney, Louis and Heidi and Niall and Madiee! We'll see.




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