Never Thought This Would Happen

Chloe and her three friends, Britney, Madiee and Heidi have loved One Direction from the minute they were formed, Chloe loves Harry, Britney loves Liam, Madiee loves Niall and Heidi Loves Louis.. Will their dreams come true?


14. Omg. How embarrassing.

"We must NEVER speak of that car ride again!" I laughed.

"Okay. It was fun though!" Harry laughed.

I smiled and went to the TV and turned it on. Great. The News.

"Harry has been caught kissing a girl outside of the mall. Her name is rumoured to be Chloe."

Harry laughed and came and sat down on the couch. I sat next to him and cuddled into him.

Harry's phone rang. i turned down the TV so he could hear.

"Yes, Yes. Okay. Sure. I'm staying at Chloe's. Alright. Bye." Is all I heard from Harry.

"Who was that?" I asked him.

"Liam." Harry said sitting back down next to me.

"What did he want?" I said wrapping my arms around him and putting my head on his chest. He put his arm around my back.

"Just wondering where I was." Harry said smiling.

"Okay." I said as I turned up the volume to the TV. The news came back on. It was a photo of me and Harry kissing at the beach.

"Is this real or is this photoshopped?"

Me and Harry looked at eachother and smiled. He took out his phone and took a picture of us.

Harry was getting tired, I could tell. So I decided to take him up to my room.

"Come on." I said grabbing his hand. Shit. I have posters wallpapered in my room. Yes, Of One Direction. I have all the DVDs and books and I also have a quilt. It's on my bed. Shit.

I stood frozen outside my door, worried what he would think.

"Baby, are you coming?" He said.

"Yeah. But don't judge me on my room....." I said my voice fading out.

He walked in and looked around shocked.

"Wow. You were a really big fan." He said looking at me.

"I am still a big fan. A Directioner to be exact." I said looking at the ground.

"Babe, that's really cute." He said pulling my chin up and kissing my lips gently.

He took that so well. But OMG that was embarrassing.







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