Never Thought This Would Happen

Chloe and her three friends, Britney, Madiee and Heidi have loved One Direction from the minute they were formed, Chloe loves Harry, Britney loves Liam, Madiee loves Niall and Heidi Loves Louis.. Will their dreams come true?


12. Don't cry.

I woke the next morning to my phone beeping. It was from Harry.

*Sorry if I woke you up, but I miss you so much. I need to hear your voice. Text me when you wake up. xx*

I smiled. Best thing i've heard all week. I texted him back.

*Alright, I'm awake now baby. You know you can ring me whenever you need to. Even if it's midnight. I'll always answer! xx*

Then my phone started ringing. I answered.

"Hello, Babe." Harry said sounding like he had been crying.

"Baby, what's up?" I asked him.

"I saw all the hate your getting and it makes me upset." He said sniffing.

"Babe, i'm absolutely fine!" I said lying to make him calm down.

"No your not. I can tell." He said to me. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. He's so caring.

"Okay, i'm not." I said as i burst into tears.

"I know you have school, but your not going. I'm not gonna let people bully you. I'll be there in 5, bye, babe, I love you." he said.

"I love you to, bye." I said as I hung up.

Like promised Harry was here 5 minutes later.

I went down to the door and opened it. As soon as it opened Harry hugged me. He had puffy eyes.

"Babe, don't cry!" I said wiping his tears away.

"I'm sorry." He said smiling.

"Why don't we go out for the day?" I said.

"Sure." he said wiping my tears from my face.


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