Never Thought This Would Happen

Chloe and her three friends, Britney, Madiee and Heidi have loved One Direction from the minute they were formed, Chloe loves Harry, Britney loves Liam, Madiee loves Niall and Heidi Loves Louis.. Will their dreams come true?


6. Date. Part 2

We arrived at a 3 story wide brick house with a garden. It was beautiful! He walked around to the other side of the car and opened the door for me and helped me out. He grabbed my hand as we walked up to the door. He unlocked it and we walked in.

"Harry! Is that you?" I heard a voice from upstairs. It was familiar. I heard bangs on the stairs and then a guy jump onto Harry giving him a massive auntie hug. It was Louis. OhMyGosh. I chuckled.

Louis pulled back and looked at me then Harry.

"Harry! Why is there a girl standing in our living room?" Louis said looking at me up and down.

"Louis this is Chloe, Chloe this is Louis." Harry said.

"Harry. Is she your girlfriend? Are you cheating on me?!" Louis said with a shocked face.

"I'm not exactly his girlfriends yet." I said looking at Harry then back at Louis.

Harry smiled.

"Louis, I left biscuits in the cupboard for you." Harry told Louis.

"Yip Yip oooo!" Louis jumped happily off to the kitchen.

"Quick, before he comes back out!" Harry whispered while grabbing my hand.

We ran up the stairs into Harry's room and locked the door. His room was clean. The whole house was clean. Then I turned and saw a note on Harry's bedside table it said.

Dear Harry,

I packed all your clothes away.


Your cleaner, Jane.

That explains why it's so clean.

"So, when are you taking me home, Harry?" I asked Harry who was sitting on his bed with his phone out, checking it.

"Harry? Harrryyyyy!? HARRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!" I screamed. He looked up in shock.

"I'm taking you home whenever you want to be home." Harry said while putting his phone in his back pocket.

"But, I don't wanna leave. Ever." I said looking down at the ground with a sad face.

"Wanna stay here the night?" Harry asked.

"Sure!" I said smiling happily.


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