The fake profile

The story is about two 12 years old girls who create a fake profile on facebook, and write some unpleasant things to a boy.


1. The fake profile

The story is about a boy who was on facebook, he is 13 years old, he went to the librarie. He started to play some games on the computer, and then he went on facebook. He got a friendrequest from a girl called Amalie. She Wrote Hi and it moved on  from that. She began to wrote some very upleasant things to him, she wrote would you like to meet me, and can i have you number but he didn't. She also wrote things like would you be my boyfriend and would you bang me. He thought is was upleasant and later he found out of it was some girls from the school, and he got a little bit angry.


Nice Adviced: take cam on before you meet new people.

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