Sally's last day.

This story is about Sally. Sally is a fourteen old girl. It's her birthday. She get's a birthday present, with a watch in. She only have 24 hours back to live in.


3. The clock.

Sally haven't slept all night. It's the same every year. Her mother wasn't awake so she just got up by herself. She was looking at herself trough the mirror. She was actully very beutiful. But her hair was totally black. Green eyes and black hair. Very bad combination! She looked at her hands, her nails. They were totally bited down. What was that? The watch was on her arm? Twentythree hours and fourtyseven minutes back. What does that mean? She was trying to take her watch of, but she could't. She was scared, what does the numbers mean? She didn't told her mother about it. She just walked down, and straight to school. She felt that someone keep watching her.

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