Sally's last day.

This story is about Sally. Sally is a fourteen old girl. It's her birthday. She get's a birthday present, with a watch in. She only have 24 hours back to live in.


1. A normal day.

"Sally!", It was her mother calling her. "Sally, come down now! You're late!" Sally, were sitting on her bed, thinking. She was thinking of her birthday. "Fourteen tomorrow", "Really fourteen". She was almost jumping down the stairs. On the kitchen table, her mother has put a pack of cornflakes. Sally wasn't hungry. She took a glass and took the milk out from the fridge. Sally loves milk. Specialy chokomilk. She just put the glass on the table, her mother could clean that for her. She took her bag, and her lunch. She walked out off the door. On the way to school she met Olivia, a very annoying girl. Olivia was talking all the time. She was running away from Olivia. She did't meant to be evil, but sometimes it was hard to be sweet. Sally came in to the class. The lesson was already started. "Ding Ding Ding" - The clock was ringing. She looked at he mobil - 1 missed call from mom. "Hi mom" - "Hi Darling, did you locked the door when you leaved?" Sally, was thinking. No! She haven't locked the door, but she couldn't tell her mother that. "Yes mom, of course i locked the door". "Good, see you Darling". "See you mom".

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