summer day

there was a boy who was on his home
and was happy because he was on holiday
to Los angelas i USA when he come to the usa, there were 28 ft. during sunshine, and water.


1. The big travel day

when Patrick came home, his parents Drafts to go  Patrick was also Drafts to travel when they came out at the airport haved the 30 minutes back britihs airways to London  go to gaet now. when our flight is Drafts

when they had come to london would they with a different flight to USA bitihs airways to LAX Airport go to gaet now. it was quick yes I think also it is only about 5 minutes. velcomen to Los angelas. oh it's good that we are in los angeles I did not want to fly more. hellow velcomem to hilton hotel thank you is in the family Westlin yes i can get number 836 oh thank you goodbye

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