My Life, My Dreams, My story

Based on a true story (not all of the story is true)
A young 14 year old girl goes through so much in her life... Her biggest dream is to meet One Direction, will she get more then just a meet and greet....
Her worst nightmare is about to unfold...
what does fate have install for her and her family...


3. Happy, happy, happy!

Brooklyn's P.O.V

The bell has gone for end of school and not much happened today well nothing exciting that is.

I'm in our school undercroft waiting for my bus to come for me to go home. My sister is also here she is having trouble with her friends as well as the boys, trust issues. I mean if you don't trust someone fully why tell them your secrets well at least your dark deepests serects should be kept form them.

I have alot of home work to do: like science, I have to answer remeber and think questions from the text book. I also have english I have to write a Sonnet of my own, the topic is comparing someone to a season of your choice. I am not sure what to write.


~ 6 'o' Clock at night ~

Mum just got home and she is getting ready to cook tea I have something to ask her, it's about One Direction and their concert in Australia next year.

So here goes...

"Mum next year around september One Direction is having a concert and Jasmine my friend has won tickets and asked if I wanted to go, I will pay for my own ticket because I will be working by then, so can I go?"

"Brook I need to know all the details like when, where, cost, and transportation before I decide anything"

"Ok can I call her becuase she has them already so she knows everything?"

"Ok but don't take to long on the phone because tea will be ready shortly.."

I run to my room and grab my mobile.

~ On the phone with Jasmine ~

I am getting all the info I need to tell mum it is already a good sign that she said she needs to know all the information because knowing her it means I am already at 75% chance of going. We finish talking about the details and start on what we would wear until reality kicks back in after 10 minutes of discussing clothes I relize I haven't actually gotten the OK to go yet. I tell her I will talk later and tell you what happens with the dicesion making. I also add just before we hang up for her to go on skype.

~ Back with Mum ~

"Ok mum the details are it's on the 15th of Septmeber which is a Saturday. The place they are performing at is Allphones arena. The cost is $$$, and the time is 12:30 p.m. She also said

I could tell she was thinking but then when she opened her mouth to say yes or no I almost had a heart attack when she said her answer.

"Ok you can go to the concert"

I go striaght on skype and Jasmine is already on I tell her the awesome and we talk for ages about stlyes to wear to the concert and how long we have to wait for the concert. We also thought of possible situations that could happen. We were cut short because I had to eat and get ready for Tuesday to start and school to happen all over again. I like school but not the assessments and homework.





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