My Life, My Dreams, My story

Based on a true story (not all of the story is true)
A young 14 year old girl goes through so much in her life... Her biggest dream is to meet One Direction, will she get more then just a meet and greet....
Her worst nightmare is about to unfold...
what does fate have install for her and her family...


2. fate in a dream

Brooklyn's P.O.V

Monday mornings suck, I roll over and check the time it's 4:00am. I hate not being able to sleep. Lately I've been thinking about a few things mainly why people don't like me. I drift back to sleep a few moments later.

I wake up with a slight screamm and panick, I had just had a nightmare. I get up and check everyone is still alseep as I didn't want to wak them. They are so I go back to bed for the last 20 minutes before I have to get up at 6 for school.

Lately I have been checking the time not on purpose but I seem to always check it on 9:11. I hope it doesn't mean anything. You Know with the whole september 11 thing.

My dream was scary I had dreamt I was in my school kitchen with Poppy who does food tech with me when my sister who is in year 7 at the age of 12 ran through the door and grabbed a knife. She yelled 'I can't take it anymore' but before I could finish the dream I woke up. My sister has been bullied lately and I'm scared she might take her life because of it, if she did I don't know what I would do to the boys doing it to her.

My radio started as my alarm, one of my most favourtie songs came on it was What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. When I listen to the song I feel Beautiful for that time like someone out in the world actually wants me. When the song ended I got up and woke everyone up. I had my cereal, got dressed and went to school.

I meet my two best friends at our school lockers their names are:

Jasmine, she is short to medium height, tanned, black hair, deep dark brown eyes, very skinny and loves One Direction. My other best firend is Poppy, she is skinny, short to medium height, tanned, brown hair and hazel eyes. She also love One Direction.

They are much like me in a way. I'm skinny, short to medium height, massively in love with One Direction, brown hair and eyes. I have more then two best friends but I see these two the most.

I tell them about the dream and the whole checking the time at 9:11 and they say it's just a coincidence but I could tell in there vocies they were just saying that to make me feel better. I knew they thought it was more than just a coincidence.


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