My Life, My Dreams, My story

Based on a true story (not all of the story is true)
A young 14 year old girl goes through so much in her life... Her biggest dream is to meet One Direction, will she get more then just a meet and greet....
Her worst nightmare is about to unfold...
what does fate have install for her and her family...


4. exciment at school

Brooklyn's P.O.V

My alarm goes of once again at 5:45 am and I press snooze once. I laid there thinking what today what bring for me. I lay there thinking if it would be a good day or the complete opposite My sister has 'made up' with her friends and now they are like best buds again. I can never understand that girl.

My thoughts are interupted by my radio coming "back to life" as it tells me I have to get up. I listen to the music it is playing and another one of my favourite songs is playing. I have a lot of favourite songs. It's 'I knew you were trouble' by Taylor swift I remeber going to her concert her style of music has changed, I still love her though.

I wake up my mother and my sister and tell them to get up. They are not morning people and groan a lot when I try and get them up. I on the other hand it depends because say if someone decides to wake me up early for no reason I will not be happy.

It's 7:40 and I am at school, I go straight to my locking before everyone comes and squsihes in I am very claustrophobic. As I finish up I see Jasmine and Poppy walk in. I am glad to see them as they are my best friends and I don't do well alone.

We start talking about random things. I swear if people heard our converstations they would think of us differently. They finish at there lockers and walk out of the canteen in up the stairs to meet the rest of our friends for the day. We greet them all and we lauhg and talk about what we all have today.

The bell rings for homeroom and we ignore it until we see our teachers. We all don't like homeroom, it's so boring. I say good bye to Jasmine and Poppy give them a hug, even though I am about to see them again on 15 minutes anyway.

We are all ways together, unless someone splits us or we have a disagreement but that's very rare. I walk to homeroom with my homeroom buddy Michelle.

The bell goes for end of home and I get up and leave straight away. I make my way to  1st period which is doublel food tech YAY! I love cooking we are cooking a tai beef salad it is so nice. When I grow up I want to be a head chef in a five star resturant. Its my dream and always has been

We start to cook. Poppy and I even though we are like sisters we fight like anything when we cook becuase we annoy the crap out of each other. Its's actually kind of funny in away. We have finsihed cooking our tai beef salad and we now smell like steak so we spray so much deodrant and perfume to try and get rid of the smell it kinda works but not as much as I hoped it would. I had to leave the spot from where we were as I am asthmatic and it stunk so much. (in a good way).

~ recess~

We go to our lockers again and we change our books over for the next two periods which is englsih and maths. I am praying to God that miss doesn't make us read out our sonnets that would be so bad and embrassing.

We walk around the school because there is nothing else to do we are talking about what we wish to do, what we want to happen in the future, and our biggest dreams.

~ end of recess ~

The bell rings and we slowly make our way to class Poppy and I say bye to Jas and make our way upstairs to our classroom. For english and maths and our electives we aren't in the same class it sucks.

English this we are doing humour it's alright some things aren't funny then there are others who are really funny. My teacher tells us it's hard to make people laugh but I can't see how I mean my firends and I make each other laugh all the time and it's to the point where it hurts.

English ends now for the real pain. I hate maths I believe it is the worst subject in the world. Someo topics are ok but others I am not even going to need.

Maths seemed to drag on for ever. I hate how the worst subjects seem to take so last forever but the subjects yuo enjoy seem to go so fast.

~ lunch ~

Thank God it is lunch time. I walk with Poppy to lockers and we grab our science book. last period thats one of the best things about our school is we only have 5 hours were we actually work.

Science is okay I guess its not the best but it is much better then maths by a long shot.

~ end of lunch ~

We make our way to the mo block which has our science rooms and labs. This term we are learning about dynamic earth that's the topic name.

We have partners our teacher put us in a seating arrangment. It's because our class talks to much.

As time goes on there is five minutes left we ask our teacher if we can go to the kitchen to get our food. When it comes to food and how much I eat I constantly get people looking at me as if to say why are you so skinny. I guess thats one thing I'm lucky to have is a fast metabolism.

The afternoon prayer comes over the P.A. system, we all pause to say the Hail Mary together. Our deptuy principal says the final notices and then the bell goes. I watch as people coming flooding out of the doors pushing and shoving each other as if it's a game of who can get out the fastest.

My bus is called 5 minutes after the teacher on duty has gotten everyone seated in the undercroft. I hate trying to get on becasue they all pile on and push each other and like I said before I am very claustrophobic.

I am sitting with my friend Jess and we are talking about random stuff. She is my bus buddy, she is in year 8 but we are still close, however not as close as Jaz, Poppy and Me.

We arrive at my stop and I say my good byes and leave. I'm walking home by myself as my sister pulled a sicky today and as she throw up this morning it was gross. I have my earphones in and I'm listneing to my music on shuffle when the strat of Live While We're Young comes on. I love this song and start singing out loud I make sure no one is listening as I don't want to defenen them with my tone deaf singing voice.

I arrive home and I start my homework while watching T.V.My sister is asleep on her bed so it is nice and quiet.

~ 6 'o' Clock pm ~

Mum just came home and started cooking tea. She is cooking a BBQ and I decide to help. When you hear story's about Australia and there BBQ's it nromally says the man cooks it well Mum and Me cook a bloody good Barbie.

We all finish up and have our showers. X factor Australia comes on and we all settle to watch it. It's elimation tonight as I am watching them one by one being told they are safe we get down to last three he calls the last safe act and I am shcoked What About Tonight (W.A.T) is in the bottom 2. Although I am a massive directioner I do love W.A.T and the collective.

They perform in the battle of their lives thing the show has and an ad comes on. The show comes back on and I squrim in my seat as that music comes on the one they play right before something bad happens. The host then goes though all the judges and they vote one by one the final results come in and I have no words because W.A.T is gone. I am not happy.

I check my Ipod and I have a imessage from Jaz saying are yuo watching X factor can u believe they are leaving tonight. Of cousre I said no.

As the show finsihed I brushed my teeth and watched alittle bit my T.V. before going to bed.








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