Flight 26 down

What happens if Taylor Lautner,
Zac Efron,
Justin Bieber,
Harry Styles,
Liam Payne,
Louis Tomlinson,
Zayn Malik,
Niall Horan,
and two 18 year old girls get stranded on an Island? Will they survive? Will they make it through they're adventure? Read and get inspired of a story that is full of adventure, romance, and taugh decisions !


1. Prologue - how everything started

I am sitting in class right now, thinking what else could be as boring as history class. I looked over to one of my friends Karoline.

'This class Stinks!!' She mouthed at me. I got to admit my dear friend is right. I looked at the teacher as she was talking about some history test. I have never been good with history, and right about now we are talking about the cold war. Let's just say I am failing this class.

'I know!' I mouthed back at her and put my hand so that they show a gun and held it to my head pretending to shoot my self. I saw her nod when the intercom thing binged. And again. And yet again. Than finally our secretary spoke.

"Everybody who is interested in a trip to London, Paris, and spain, on May 21st, please talk to Mrs. Kelly at lunch."

She repeated her self as me and Karoline looked at each other grinning. What else could be better than being away from school for 2 fun weeks? Karoline's eyes were sparkling.

"We so got to go!!" she whispered at me really excited. We are lucky that our parents have good jobs and can afford us a trip like this.

"Yes we do!" I exclaimed silently as the class continued me and Karissa did a low five under the table. Finally lunch. After 3 miserable hours me and Karoline walked to Mrs. Kelly's room. She gave us information about the trip and explained what we will be doing and where we all go to on our days there. There were only like a couple of people there that counted up to 10.

So here we go volunteering for a trip to the place where our favorite band came from!

Karoline's POV

I wish I could be as skinny as Zoey. I know that if she tried to change her clothing style a little, she could be as pretty as some girls at our school. She has blonde hair, blue grey eyes, and most of all she can no IS a pretty girl.

Me on the other hand I think my self of not pretty. People try to change my mind about that, they think I am the prettiest thing ever. Honestly I am not.
I got dark brown hair with black and blonde streaks, glasses, just like Zoey, and I am not skinny like her. She is like 98 pounds while I'm average. I wish I was skinny. Why can't I be lucky once and be like her?!

So turns out me and Zoey are going for a trip to London. A place where both our band performs on a May 23rd and guess the best part?! Me and her are lucky of being able to go to they're concert. It's our day off to take our own little tour through London. That is why we are so eager of going. We are lucky.

Zoey's P.O.V. & Karoline's P.O.V.

Fate had it planned different.

-That's the first chapter. I hope you liked it as much as I did. Sorry if this seems short but I done this chapter on my cell phone.
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