Flight 26 down

What happens if Taylor Lautner,
Zac Efron,
Justin Bieber,
Harry Styles,
Liam Payne,
Louis Tomlinson,
Zayn Malik,
Niall Horan,
and two 18 year old girls get stranded on an Island? Will they survive? Will they make it through they're adventure? Read and get inspired of a story that is full of adventure, romance, and taugh decisions !


3. Chapter 2 - Movements

Zoey's P.O.V.

"Do you hear that?" I look at Karoline as I continue hearing the rushling of trees.

"Must be the trees, stop exalerating things." She scolted at me. But there was the sound again.

"There it is again!" I exclaimed, and we stopped to see if we hear something.

"Nope. Just your imagination." Ugh, I am not imagin this, there is rushling out there.

"Okay now I heard it..." Finally!!! Took her forever to hear it, I hope it's nothing bad, perhaps survivers? Please don't let it be something bad.

"Hello?" I stupidly ask, Karo nudged me into the side to tell me to shut up. Sorry, I am blonde. 

"You were right, if you would be in a horror movie, you would be the first one dead!" She whispered in my ear, and than the rushling sound was right beside us.

"I am scared..." I said as I was looking to the right, to see movements, Karo must have seen them too, because now we are standing there like glued on to the floor.

The movement stopped, all you could hear are our heartbeats.

Thu-thud Thu-thud.

All suddern there was a thing right in front of us, blocking our moths to scream.

Thu-thud thud, thu- thud thud...

"Don't scream, we are just like you stranted. Open your eyes, and please don't scream!" I heard a soft, but deep voice say. Right don't scream, even if your going to be dead in a couple of seconds.

"On 3... 1... 2...3..." He let my mouth go, and stepped into what is left of the sunlight. OMG. I looked at Karo, who now also have been let go. Double OMG!

"You are... But you are... How?!" I stuttered along like a physco person.

"Boys I think it's clear." I think today is my lucky day. I am on the same Island as One Direction. I can't believe this. 

don't squeel, don't squeel.


"You are one direction!" I squeeled. I can't believe it.

"Yepp, Harry (points at Harry), Liam, Niall, Zayn, and me, Louis." He introduced each of them and pointed it out.

"I love your spin the Harry episodes!" I said out loud, and I saw the boys chuckle. Well I think we will do perfectly fine together.

"Did you crash with the plane too?" Liam asked, and we nodded.

"such a loss, so many people drowned. We are not the only onces on this Island though, a couple more survived. We will go back there, and team up all together we will survive." Louis said and Harry and the others nodded. I don't think joining they're group will be a bad thing.

"Okay we're in." Karo said, as we than started to continue walking with the boys.

-Sorry, short, but I am sitting in school (Grade 12) And was bored and had a good idea how to get the boys all together.so I decided to make my spare useful. Anyways that's everything. Thanks for all the ppl who heart this, and
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