In the Course of a Lifetime (a One Direction fanfiction)

The boys are happily off tour for the winter, having some time to just be normal. Harry and Louis are getting.. Unusually friendly. Everything is fine. Until a cold night in December when the boys get trapped in the biggest mess of their lives.

(Book 1 of 3)


2. Fear

Niall was sobbing and ripping blankets off beds. Downstairs, Harry and Zayn were lifting Liam out the door. Niall dashed after them and locked the door behind him. They put Liam in the trunk (it's an open trunk, you can see it from the backseat) and Niall sat with him, holding his hands. Harry leaped into the passanger seat, while Zayn sat in the backseat, trying to get his phone to turn on. Louis sped down the snowy road, yelling at Niall. "How is he!?" Louis sounded desperate."He.. he wont move.. but.. he's breathing.." Niall answered quietly.

Liam's face was pale, almost a light shade of grey. His lips were tinged with purple, and his cheeks weren't rosy. His closed eyes look sunken in. He looked dead, lying there in Niall's arms. Liam was still as stiff as a dead cat, and his breathing was short. Niall didn't know how much time his friend had left..


-Liam's POV-

"Where am I!?" I yelled loudly, looking around the black space.

"Ansetta." Replied a soft voice.

"What?" I asked, squinting into the darkness. A soft, comforting light twinkled in front of me- it was like the white Christimas lights him and the boys had hanging on their winter cottage. The light expanded, taking shape of a young girl, only six or seven. She had white-blonde hair, and her eyes were a ghostly blue-grey colour. Her nose was small, and her pink lips looked alot like Louis'. "Ansetta." Her soft, ghostly voice repeated. She wasn't British, or anything in the U.K. Not even Europe. But she didn't fit the part of any other nationality, either.

"What is A.. whatever this place is called? Who are you?" I asked, desperate to get back to the boys.

"I am Olivia." She replied.

"I'm Liam. Nice to meet you."

"And yourself, sir."

"So.. what is Antsetta?"

"Ansetta." She correct him. "Ansetta is a place for the broken." And with that, she turned around and walked away.

"Wait! Olivia! How do I go home!? How do I get out of here!?" I cried.

Olivia turned around, eyes now black and dripping. "There is no way out. Enjoy your life in Ansetta." Her voice was evil now, but still ghostly. She turned around and ran away, giggling like the little girl I thought she was as her and her tattered blue dress disapeared into the darkness, and Liam was alone once more.

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