The Babysitter

Maya was just the normal babysitter. But what happens Harry Styles falls for her ,hard, but she isn't convinced that he loves her for her and not just to break her heart? Hey guys this my first movella. Enjoy!


7. Storm

Harrys POV

maya was so good with babies. She was such a pure real girl. She treated us like real people, which I like. Anna ran back to her mom to dance. As soon as she ran off, a huge clap of thunder came. We all rushed to shelter. We didn't have anywhere to go because Paul took the car home. Maya muste realised the worried looks on our faces.

" if you guys want, you can come with me and I can drop you off."
She asked nicely

" problem, we live, like , 20 minutes away and you're not supposed to drive in a storm. " said Liam. Always his job to be real.

" you guys can just come and chill at my house until the storm passes over. " she said nicely

Before Liam could ruin it, I quickly said yes and we piled into her car. A dodge charger. My type of girl.
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