The Babysitter

Maya was just the normal babysitter. But what happens Harry Styles falls for her ,hard, but she isn't convinced that he loves her for her and not just to break her heart? Hey guys this my first movella. Enjoy!


12. Crying


Mayas POV

Harry was asleep with his head on my lap. he was so adorable. i just wanted to jump up and kiss him. no, No,NO maya STOP. u cannot fall for him. repeat: CANNOT! hes only gonna hurt me. i started to play with his hair while i let tears fall. i loved him and i couldnt help it.

Harry's POV

i woke to feel drops on my head. is this rain? did meeting maya just a sweet dream? i hoped not. i opened my eyes and saw a white skirt. i was relieved. i knew this was maya. but why were there drops? i looked up and saw her crying and looking away.


"huh, what, Harry why are you awake?"

"Maya, whats wrong." i said very seriously.

she didnt answer. i lifted my head off of her lap and reached to put my arm around her, but before i could she got up and tried to walk away, but i grabbed her wrist and stood up.

" Harry, ur*sniff* sick. u need to*sniff* rest. im going to *sniff* get ur thermometer so i could check ur temp"

Maya's POV

i made the excuse to get his thermometer because i didnt want him to see me like this. hes just so sweet.

" i will not sit down ever, until u come with me and tell me whats wrong.''

he just stood there, i could tell he was getting tired. i turned around and ran into his bare chest crying and hugging him. he enveloped me with his arms and collapsed on the couch with me in his arms on his lap. i just sat there and sobbed for like 3 minutes. i finally looked up and look to the right. he took his hand and made me face him i looked down.

"maya, look at me" i did. " whats wrong, and dont say nothing or something to make you avoid it because u and i both know im gonna find an answer. so spill."

Harry's POV

i couldnt stand seeing her like this.

"im gonna offend u if i told u" she whispered.

what did she mean? what did i do? oh no.

"i dont care, i want to know so i could help"


"u have to speak louder love"

" i dont know how to say this, so im just gonna say it."

she looked at me straight in the eyes with her beautiful grey eyes.

"Harry, i cant help this, im in love with you and still falling, but i cant date you."

my heart was pumping very fast. she said she loved me. ive never felt this about a girl and now she loves me.

"Why cant u date me?''

" well, like i know im gonna offend u saying it , though"

"Maya listen to me right now. say whatever u want to me. ur not gonna offend me. im not saying this in the offensive way. im just saying, you can tell me everything, even if u think ur gonna offend me. "

"uh, well, i know ur the flirt of the group and i just dont want to be just another girl. i dont want u to just take, uh, things from me and then leave me heart broken. im sorry harry, but thats what every girl u dated said. im so so so sorry." 

i couldnt believe this. i had to change her mind

" alright maya, im bout to tell u something that ur gonna think is bull, but u need to listen because it isnt *she nods*. Maya the minute i saw u walk out of the woods with ana, i knew automatically i needed u to be mine. i want to be able to call u my girlfriend whenever i see u. i have this feeling in my head, heart, and stomach that ive never had and it comes whenever i see u. i truly love u. the other girls, they were just hook ups and i know they were wrong, but i promise, i will never EVER hurt u and if we break up, it will be because u wanted to. i seriously have issues when it comes to u." she giggled at this. she then stopped and stared at me and started to tear again.

"i cant harry, i cant date u. i believe u its just. im not ready."

"do u mind if i ask why?"

" no its just.*deep breath**exhales* my last boyfriend, before he cheated on me, he.. well uh.. he ... um.. well... he raped me." she whispered.

"oh my God. i swear to God if i ever find that mother fucker, im gonna kill him slowly.  nobody should be treated like that especially a sweet an beautiful girl like you. and i respect that ur not ready just know that whenever im around u, im gonna want to ask u to marry u." we both laugh and i hug her and she lays on my chest while i hug her. i play with her long curly hair.

"if ur hair is beautiffully curly, why did u straighten it?'

"its so hard to manage sometimes" she whispered as she fell asleep. i could stay like this forever.

















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