The Babysitter

Maya was just the normal babysitter. But what happens Harry Styles falls for her ,hard, but she isn't convinced that he loves her for her and not just to break her heart? Hey guys this my first movella. Enjoy!


16. At Last (that song just got stuck on your head:))

Maya's POV

i was so nervous to do this.  i had to.

Harry's POV

i was a little confused why she wanted to talk in my bedroom alone. she closed the door behind us. i turned and started to speak.

"why are we in here alone?"
"i need to do something."


she walked up to me and smashed her lips into mine. at first i was shocked, but then responded.

Maya's POV

i cant believe i just did that. where did my courage come from? i don't know. at first he didn't respond, so i thought he didn't like me anymore. but then he reacted. thank God. i was getting scared. we started out soft but it soon got rough. he licked his tongue around my lip, asking for entrance. i opened my mouth in response and his tongue danced with mine.  he put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me closer so there was now space between us. i put one hand through his hair and the other on his face. we stayed there for about 2 more minutes and then pulled away, gasping for air.

"i take that as your ready." he said.

i gave him a small kiss that wasn't a peck, but wasn't a snog.

"Does that answer your question?"

He nodded and was about to go in for another, but it took all my will to stop him. i needed to get one thing straight.

"Harry, i need to ask u one last thing." I said sitting down on the bed. he sat next to me and held my hands.
"What is it?"

"well, this is kinda embarrassing to ask, but are u a virgin?"
 he just laughed.
" why, do u wanna do it."

"well not yet but i just wanna know."

"No, I'm not."

"Oh, Good. and just so u know, i don't wanna do it until we are together for a little while more."

" I respect that."

I gave him a kiss and was about to get up and go downstairs when he pulled me down and gave me a very passionate kiss. i smiled and he smiled back.We got up and walked downstairs to join the rest of the group.

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