The Babysitter

Maya was just the normal babysitter. But what happens Harry Styles falls for her ,hard, but she isn't convinced that he loves her for her and not just to break her heart? Hey guys this my first movella. Enjoy!


15. All Fun and Games

( Authors note: i am aware of the Danielle and Liam breakup that occurred a long time ago, but i did ship them so they r still a couple in this movella)

Mayas POV I invited Kayla over and she had just arrived. I could tell she had just melted into Niall's eyes. Good thing we're doing spin the bottle, they might kick it off.

Niall's POV O. M. G. Kayla is so hot. I swear it took me a whole bag of crisps to not go up and kiss her. When she was introducing herself, i instantly found out she is an amazing person. Thank God we r playing spin the bottle, otherwise, i probably wouldn't get a chance.

Harry's POV

Maya agreed to play. good. i wanted my turn to land on her. We all got in a circle. Niall sat next to Kayla (he totally had the hots for her.), she sat next to Danielle, she sat next to Maya, she sat next to Eleanor, and she sat next to Perrie, who sat next to Zayn, who sat next to Liam, who sat next to Louis, who sat next to me. i whispered to Niall(who also sat by me.)

"dude, ur in love with Kayla aren't u?."

"Maybe a little..."

Louis started the game and it landed on Dani.

"c'mere girly." he said. she came to him and he gave her a decent kiss that lasted for 2 seconds. Liam and Eleanor looked pretty pissed. Next was Zayn. It landed on Perrie. He just gave her a sloppy kiss for 5seconds. the game went on until it was Niall's turn. He got so excited. He spun and it landed on  Kayla. he tried not to look excited, but u could see it in his eyes he was. he crept closer and gave her a kiss and they stayed like that for 10 seconds. wow. they are in love already. next was Liam. ironically, it landed on Eleanor. he said to Louis"payback" and Eleanor agreed. they gave each other a small but sloppy kiss. Louis and Dani just shrugged. next was me. i wanted to be as lucky as Niall, who was now secretly holding hands with Kayla. i spun and it landed on Perrie. i gave her a small peck so Zayn wouldn't get mad. i was disappointing it didn't land on Maya. We decided to go one more round. So far, Louis and Zayn both landed on Maya i was a little jealous, but what the heck, its just a game. i decided to last and spun, knowing it wouldn't land on her. while it was spinning i went to steal some crisps from the couch. when i got back i look and saw who it landed on.




i couldn't contain my energy. i walked up to her and made her stand up. she was trying to contain a grin. i gave her a small peck and she whispered.

" I need to talk to you."


''SHUT UP LOUIS'' We both said in unison. I threw my bags of crisps at him. and said.

"We'll be right back." walking away with Maya.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Louis. i swear i was gonna kill him.

Then she started to talk.

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