The Babysitter

Maya was just the normal babysitter. But what happens Harry Styles falls for her ,hard, but she isn't convinced that he loves her for her and not just to break her heart? Hey guys this my first movella. Enjoy!


6. A Team

Mayas POV

" what song you like love?"
I said the first thing that came to my mind." the a team by ed Sheeran please."
As the song started,I was nervous so I sang quietly. Someone must've hired my microphone because I suddenly became louder. As I finished the song, the crowd had all fathered and started to cheer I just ran off the stage and into the woods I was so embarrassed, but I didnt know why.

Harry's POV

She was an amazing singer! I was about to congratulate her when she ran off the stage and into the woods. I immediately ran after her. What was her problem.

I found her in the woods sitting on a log with her head in her head. I walked up and sat by her.

" are you okay love?" I asked.

" no," she shook her head. I put my arms around her and she cried into my chest.

"do you want to tell me what's wrong? Well actually, you don't have to since we just met"
I answered and immediately regretted because I really wanted to find out what was wrong.

" no it's okay..."

Maya's POV

I started to explain to him that the only woman I sang to was my aunt, but ever since she passed away, I stopped singing. I don't know why, I just did.

He stared at me with his beautiful green eyes. I just started crying all over again into his chest.

" it's okay, shhh, let's go back so you can get your mind offa things, aye?"
He was so sweet. So I agreed and we started to walk away.

Harry's POV

As we started to walk back, I saw everyone starting to eat.

" do ou want to eat with us, Maya? I would love to get to know you." I asked

" sure, I would love that." she said

After we grabbed our food we sat by the other boys and started to chat. She was a really nice and upbeat girl. In the middle of our meal a little girl ran up to maya.

Maya's POV

the guys were really fun to talk to, but something about Harry made me like him the most. Louis and I were in a conversation about carrots when anna ran up to me. She had a bag of lays with her.

" maya, can I please eat by you?" she asked. I nodded and picked her up unto my lap
" and who is this beautiful lady may I ask?" said Liam. That was when Anna started to tell him all about herself in her own baby way.
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