Just One Bite

Zoë is an 16 year old girl...on the surface. She's actually a five century old Vampire queen to be.Her life seems to be doing fine until the current queen of her coven is mysteriously killed and she is shoved into the position, well before she is ready. How will she handle the pressure, AND avoid the Vampire slayers that are coming after her coven?


10. Who is This??

I woke up with a start. That was the scariest and most vivid dream yet. I definitely need to talk to the council about this. They might know what’s going on. Until then I was on my own. I got up and did my usual morning routine – donuts and coffee in Pennsylvania, blood in Times Square, roaming around a little, then heading off to school. I had thought today would be a normal day, but boy was I wrong!

                It was about 11 o’ clock, 6th period. I had English. We were doing a novel study, And Then There Were None, and we were reading the book and working on the assigned projects. I was going back and forth between reading the book and answering the assigned questions. It was about twenty minutes into the class when something happened, something that shouldn’t have happened.

                Someone burst into the classroom. Not through the door, but through the window. HE CRASHED THROUGH THE WINDOW!!!! It was definitely a Vampire, that was easy to figure out. It was also easy to see he wasn’t my type of Vampire. I was pretty sure he was a Brutal, but he seemed more… restrained. A Brutal would have killed everyone in the room, but this guy just went for one thing – me. He crashed through, grabbed me, then ran out. Yup, definitely a Vampire, and a very strong one at that. I couldn’t break free. He had me in firm hold, an over the shoulder fireman’s carry.

 Right after he left the classroom (which was on the second floor, might I add) he put me in front of him, so I could see him clearly. He was ripped, probably early twenties when he was turned. His eyes were fully red, not like the specks that I, and most Vampires have, but his iris was red. I’ve never seen that before. He had shaggy, dirty blonde hair and was wearing a muscle shirt, jeans, and combat boots. On his belt was everything he needed to kill Vampires and humans, both.

I sized him up in about two seconds before he told me, “Goodnight, sweetheart. Sweet dreams.” He had an evil smile on his face. He punched me in the face, knocking me out. The last thing I remember was him putting me back in the fireman’s carry and running off. Then I blacked out.


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