Just One Bite

Zoë is an 16 year old girl...on the surface. She's actually a five century old Vampire queen to be.Her life seems to be doing fine until the current queen of her coven is mysteriously killed and she is shoved into the position, well before she is ready. How will she handle the pressure, AND avoid the Vampire slayers that are coming after her coven?


5. WHAT???

The council was made up of about 20 Vampires. They were all stunning. They had perfectly sculpted features and radiated beauty. They all had the specks of red in their eyes, which all Vampires had, but theirs seemed to shine a little bit more.

            “Zoë Springfield?” the Vampire in front asked.

            “Yes, that would be me.” I was still a little intimidated by their presence, because I could tell that they were older and more vicious than I am. But I kept a brave face. I knew I had to be strong, for someday I would be head of my coven, and I would have to meet with them much more often.

            “Come with us,” they all started walking, in one big glob, to a back room. I followed, but at a distance. When we got to the room, it was fairly simple, aside from the ornately carved rock table in the middle of the room. I’m pretty sure the room was carved around the table, that the table was still connected to the ground. But I wasn’t sure, even my Vampire senses can’t make out everything. The council sat down, then motioned for me to sit at the empty chair. They were placed in a circle around the table. On my right was a vicious looking female Vampire, probably 24 or 25 when she was bitten, and on my left was a very muscular male Vampire, who looked about 16.

            Zoë Springfield,” boomed one of the council members, whom I was pretty sure was the leader, because his chair was the biggest. “You have been called here to accept your place as queen of your coven.”


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