Just One Bite

Zoë is an 16 year old girl...on the surface. She's actually a five century old Vampire queen to be.Her life seems to be doing fine until the current queen of her coven is mysteriously killed and she is shoved into the position, well before she is ready. How will she handle the pressure, AND avoid the Vampire slayers that are coming after her coven?


12. What if...?

I woke up, my memory foggy. The last thing I remember is the really buff Vampire. After a minute I came to my senses and took in my surroundings. It seemed that I was in the back of a van. My whole upper was tied, as well as my feet and ankles. Probably a good idea too. If they has just bound my hands I would have broken the rope with a flick of my wrists. Next I looked around the place I was being held. There were no weapons I could use. Again, probably a good idea. All I could do was wait and plot. They had to take me out if here eventually... didn't they?? What if they just left me here to die of thirst? What if… Snap out of it!! You are going to get out of this! You just have to figure out how…

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