Just One Bite

Zoë is an 16 year old girl...on the surface. She's actually a five century old Vampire queen to be.Her life seems to be doing fine until the current queen of her coven is mysteriously killed and she is shoved into the position, well before she is ready. How will she handle the pressure, AND avoid the Vampire slayers that are coming after her coven?


7. Mates

I went back to New York, still somewhat in shock. By now it was 3 o’ clock in the morning. After the council told me I was to become queen, we talked some more about what I would have to learn in order to become queen, and how I will have to keep it all a secret. They gave me some food (both Vampire and human) and then sent me packing. I will be going to Romania at least once a week, and I would have lots of lessons here at home. It’s a good thing I have a pretty big social life, otherwise I would never be able to keep this under wraps.

            I got back home and fell asleep. I would be up early, so Kelly won’t know I was here…as long as I don’t have a nightmare. I sure hope I don’t.

            I woke up a couple hours later, long before Kelly was up. I hadn’t had nightmare. No, rather I hadn’t dreamed. I just slept. I’m pretty sure my mind was still trying to process what was all going on. I got out of bed and got ready to face the day. I put on sweats and a t-shirt, and went to get my coffee.

            Because I woke up a little later than usual, and I had just had blood a couple hours ago, I skipped the Time Square bars. I headed straight to school from Pennsylvania, and I still got there before anyone else. Actually, one person was there, but he was hiding in the shadows. It was Daniel. Great I thought He is the last person I need to see right now. Ugh I want to bite him so badly, but I can’t…..

Wait! If I’m queen that means I can bite my mate. But I don’t think that would end well. When Vampires love, you can tell. They will do anything for that person, and they will be together for eternity. It’s not like in the human world where, if you fall out of love, you can get a divorce. No. In my world, the first you turn is your mate, and you love no one else. Also, Daniel’s just a teenager, and likely to change his mind as quickly as the tide. I’ll  just have to play it smart. I’m still pretty young, and I don’t need to spend the rest of forever with someone who turns out to not be the one.


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