Just One Bite

Zoë is an 16 year old girl...on the surface. She's actually a five century old Vampire queen to be.Her life seems to be doing fine until the current queen of her coven is mysteriously killed and she is shoved into the position, well before she is ready. How will she handle the pressure, AND avoid the Vampire slayers that are coming after her coven?


1. Just One Bite

*Author's note: This is NOT about One Direction. I've had some complaints about it being on the fanfics app, but it isn't about 1D. I apologize for the inconvienence.* 

“Zoë!! Run!” my mom shouted at me. I knew I had to get out of there. And fast! A mob just attacked our coven and they were killing my parents as I ran. I ran and ran until I heard a voice calling me.

 Zoë,” it said, “Zoë wake up!” I sat up with a start. I had just been dreaming. But the dreams have been getting more and more realistic every time. “Another bad dream?” my roommate, Kelly, asked. I was 16, as I have been since 1560, when I was turned into a vampire by my current coven leader. I was the first female he turned, which means I’m in line to take over as the queen of our coven as soon as our current queen is killed or gives up her position. That probably won’t happen for centuries, at least. So for now I’m living among humans. “Zoë!” Kelly said again.


“Were you or were you not having a bad dream again?” she asked rather impatiently.

“Yes, sorry. I was having a bad dream, but I’m awake now. What time is it anyways?”

“4:30 am. You woke me up with your screaming.” Apparently I do that a lot, and it gets in the way of her beauty sleep. Kelly is 18. We live together in an apartment in NYC. She’s in college and I’m going to High School… again. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. Every 4 years I go to a different high school, or sometimes I will go to college. A couple years ago I actually when to Julliard.

“Sorry, I’ll just get some coffee and head out, so I won’t have another dream and wake you up from your beauty sleep.” I used air quotes around beauty sleep and Kelly rolled her eyes. I got dressed in leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. It was mid-October and 4:30 in the morning, so I figured it would be a little cold. When I left the building my Vampire senses immediately kicked in. I was hyper aware of everything, and I had night vision. No matter what anyone says, I will always think being a Vampire is super cool.


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