Before Harry Potter

Before Harry Potter, Lily, James, Severus, and their friends/enemies existed in what us Potterheads like to call the "Marauder Era". Read to figure out what happened when J.K. Rowling wasn't looking
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6. Surprise Party (2)



                To her pleasure, it was only her, for once all alone, but her displeasure easily squashed said pleasure into something smaller than even an atom.  She was sitting in silence, but unknown to the eye of any by passer unaware of the current situation, she was silently boiling with burgeoning anger.  If she had been a mood ring, she would be a blazing red, brighter than that of the disheveled hair atop her head.  It was easy for her to believe that Mary in particular was indeed capable of hijacking her Muggle father’s nearly broken down jalopy, driving to a friend who lived considerably more than a ways away, kidnapping the friend and taking her to the house of the friend’s mortal enemy.  That was indeed possibly if considering the status Mary had collected, spelling out in the boldest of lettering “ANNOYINGLY OVER-PERSISTANT MATCHMAKER!”  Despite this distinct possibility, Lily hadn’t thought it plausible in the least that Mary would go out of her way to do such a thing to HER!

                After Mary and Alice had somehow managed to evacuate Lily from the car, Mary had left her to cool off, but not after Lily’s typical confrontation with the scrawny, messy haired git also known as James Potter.  It was of course filled with the usual “Lily pad, my dearest of dears, the object of my everlasting affection, etc…, etc…” and following of course was a harder than usual kick to the bollocks.  After Potter had hobbled away from the seething redhead, Mary decided it was best to evade harm’s way, even if she didn’t have the proper genitalia to comply with Lily’s perfected “James Potter worthy” kicks.  The results just wouldn’t be the same.  Of course, Lily was unable to see how exactly she looked in that moment: her lips pursed together over teeth that were grinding together in anger, her eyebrows drawn up into the most evil of glares, and the fact that her hair was frazzled and tangled only added to the dementedness of it all.  She assumed that Mary only wanted to leave to join in with the festivities, as she dragged poor round faced Alice behind her into the neighboring room, where the residue of music seemed to seep beneath the cracks of the door separating one room from the other, but that wasn’t at all the case. 

                Not a single part of her was willing to join the festivities, not a single morsel of her being longed to be in the room beside her.  If she could only escape this house she would, but curiously, every time she approached the door leading to the car, it would somehow catapult her backwards, into the wall opposite.  It now left her with an aching feeling in her side, where she had been grabbed by some mysterious invisible hand.  Probably another reason she had deliberately forced her foot deeper into his….never mind. 

                Still fuming, and as consumed as one could be in loathsome thoughts of guaranteed revenge on all in league with the anger inducing scheme, she hadn’t taken any notice of the arrival of another guest making his way away from the blasting music and to the couch which was perched upon.  Only did she realize the presence of the sandy haired boy was when he began to cough.  The sudden interruption of noise caused her to jump from her reverie as well as her couch. 

                “Oh Remus!  You startled me!” she said, still very much aghast at the sudden appearance of the boy.  She hadn’t really spoken to him personally before, absent from the occasional whispers of helpful facts during potions class, where it was safe to say, Remus was a mess.  She wouldn’t say she was friends with him, nor would she say that they were enemies as she and the other Marauders, but she respected him.  Acquaintances might be the proper terminology.  Often in third or fourth year, Severus would catch Lily whispering something to Remus out of the corner of her mouth while Professor Slughorn drawled away about certain brewing methods, each confusing sequence specific to the ingredients used.  She had stopped helping him around the same time she and Severus had begun to fall out.  Perhaps that was why it came as such a shock to see his change in features since then.  His eyes were a deeper amber now, and his hair seemed to have become streaked with the occasional but prominent premature grey.  His shoulders seemed broader, and his height must have increased by at least two inches.  He looked exhausted, which didn’t bode well since he was surrounded by just the opposite.  There were linear scars lining the side of his face, barely noticeable, but in the dim light they were cast into an eerie glow.  None of the previous she had noticed or cared about before, but now that they were in the common position to share a conversation with him she was forced to pay attention to that which she would usually ignore. 

                “I’m sorry, I should have announced myself,” he said, his voice low, but distinctly hoarser than she had remembered it being.  He grinned apologetically. 

                “No, it was my fault,” said Lily, as she settled herself back onto the couch.  He shot her a quizzical, somewhat amused look. 

                “How would that be?”  He asked. 

                “I was just thinking,” replied Lily.  She was intrigued as well as annoyed at the grin that had come over Remus’s face.    It wasn’t like Sirius’s grin; broad and jovial, laced with the mischief that made people turn around in their seats to see what he could have possibly done.  It wasn’t like Peter’s; sheepish, and confused as to what the joke was, or if it even was a joke in the first place.  Least of all Potter.  His smile was completely idiotic.  Mind bogglingly stupid.  It surfaced at the strangest of times, the most normal of times, the most awkward of times!  It was always bloody there!  Even when Lily gave him a well-deserved knock over the head with her enormous History of Magic book, he looked back at her, grinning at her, as though she had just given him a sloppy wet kiss.    No, Remus’s grin was different.  It was a rarity, and something that she thought ought to be valued.  It seemed to change his entire face, to erase the exhaustion, and disguise those prematurely grey hairs.  She realized in shock that this was the first time she had ever seen Remus Lupin smile!

                “What?”  Lily asked, unable to hold back her curiosity. 

                “If it was your fault for ‘just thinking’ then I must be at fault most of the time,” Remus said.  Lily grinned at Remus, delighted that he grinned back.  She seemed to have forgotten her anger, and Remus mentally celebrated his newly acquired victory. 

                “Must mean Potter and Black are almost never at fault,” Lily added on, attempting to continue the joke, but instead of laughing like she had intended, Remus’s jovial smile seemed to melt off of his pale face.  He looked ill again.  He noticed that Lily was no longer smiling as well, instead looking concerned and sorry at the offense she may have unintentionally bestowed.  Seeing her obvious change of demeanor, he cast her a swift, reassuring smile, but it wasn’t sincere like the former one.   

                “Doesn’t sound quite right,” he replied honestly, though in a low voice, as if afraid he might be heard.  Bloody unlikely over the immense racket of the reverberating music!  “Or does it sound entirely right?”  He asked, as he lifted his cup of steaming firewhisky to his lips.  Lily didn’t know how to answer this question correctly, or if there was any real correct answer at all.  But by the time Remus had finished off the last of the firewhisky, leaving only the dregs to rest at the very bottom, it was apparent that he’d either forgotten about the question (which seemed unlikely considering his incredible memory), or that the question was intended to remain unanswered. 

                “Why are you even friends with Potter and Black?” the words escaped her lips before she could stop them!  It didn’t seem as though the question hadn’t even surfaced to her mind’s disposal before presenting itself in the most awkward of fashions.  Lily’s face flushed with color, realizing what she had just said.  “I only mean to say that you don’t really seem very much like the others.  You’re smart and funny and kind and….well you know how they are!” she exclaimed frantically, her words clamoring over one another in the fruitless attempt to lighten the situation.  It was evident that Remus’s demeanor had changed towards her by the conclusion of her question.  The damage was done. 

                “Indeed, I do know them.  I know them exceedingly well.  That’s sort of what five years of sharing a dorm does to you.  Maybe that’s why I know that every statement regarding my friends that you have declared is false.  I as well as James and Sirius are intelligent.  Despite popular belief I’m not single handedly responsible for the plots behind their pranks.  It takes a load of magical intellect to take on an entire table of Slytherins with the same charm, and most of the work isn’t credited to me.  I’m often the one discouraging their endeavors.  Admittedly, Peter may be a bit clumsy at times, a bit in need of assistance at one point or another, not necessarily up to par with the curriculum, but aren’t we all at one point or another?  It doesn’t diminish the very good qualities that he beholds, and I’m certain that he’s a true Gryffindor and a great friend.  I am also certain that they all have a sense of humor, however unique or warped it is, they definitely have it, seeing as it seems to be the only thing they want to put their understanding of various branches of magic to.  James is the most loyal person I know, more loyal than most people think.  He doesn’t sleep around with multiple people as rumored, which I know is a surprise (subconsciously or not) to you.  Sirius on the other hand….let’s just say he has a bit of a different ‘sleeping schedule’ than James.  Perhaps if he had a fixation on a certain someone like James obviously does he’d be a bit more er- tame,” said Remus, a note of sorrow escaping his lips.  “The point is, is that they’re not just lunatics.  James isn’t just a hopeless romantic, who babbles nonsensically about red hair and green eyes.  Sirius isn’t just an annoying brainless dickhead that spends hours in front of a mirror.  Peter and I aren’t just bystanders hired to admire the two of them.  I know that’s how it may seem and I know that some of it’s true, but James really only acts that way around you because he’s a hopeless git who hasn’t any idea how to win your heart or whatever ideas he has in his mind.  If you don’t intend to try and decipher it yourself, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  We aren’t just followers of one another in a silly little posse.  We are a better part of each other in a way.  Let us just assume as an example, one of us died.  The rest of us wouldn’t be the same.  Sirius would be like a lost puppy, and our sense of decision making would be warped without the advice or guidance of each other.  Maybe we’d learn to appreciate Prongs’s never ending ‘Evans appraisals’.  I suppose I can’t clearly interpret a singular answer to your question.  All I know is that we’re there for each other and know what’s best for one another even when we ourselves haven’t any idea,” Remus finished. 

                He stood up abruptly, and disposed of his empty cup in the bin next the couch before walking through the door leading to the party, leaving Lily Evans utterly speechless on the same couch, in the same corner, the same stench of butterbeer and rain permeating the air around her, but with quite the different train of thought.  She could understand what Remus was saying, for she felt the same way about Mary and Alice.  They were always there for her even if they lead her into the strangest of situations.  She pondered for a moment Mary’s judgment.  Why had she thought this party a good idea if she had Lily’s best interests at heart?  She couldn’t seem to find a plausible answer to the question, and could only hope it would reveal itself in time. 

                Unbeknownst to Lily, just beyond the door a certain black haired fellow was deep in conversation with a certain Remus Lupin.  In his hand was an unopened bar of Honeyduke’s Finest Milk Chocolate. 

                “I heard what you said about my ineffective woman wooing methods,” James said, holding the chocolate just out of Remus’s reach. 

                “So?”  said Remus, reaching for his wand, evidently to attempt to retrieve his precious candy.  James’s grip only tightened. 

                “So, I’m here to tell you, that my woman wooing methods are superb!  And for doubting said methods, you only get half,” James said, with a smug grin. 

                “Like hell I will,” Remus said, grabbing the full chocolate bar from James’s hand, before tearing off onto the dance floor. 



Art for this chapter will be found on my blog!  :D  Thanks for reading guys, it's appreciated so, so, so much!

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