Before Harry Potter

Before Harry Potter, Lily, James, Severus, and their friends/enemies existed in what us Potterheads like to call the "Marauder Era". Read to figure out what happened when J.K. Rowling wasn't looking
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3. Packing


A/N:  This chapter is sort of just a filler.  Kind of for a bit of fun.  Hope you enjoy!

                The day that the Hogwarts Express departed started as it always did; chaotic, and simply buzzing with anticipation.  All of the less responsible kids were hurriedly stuffing lost items and artifacts into their trunks, while rummaging through drawers for anything they might have left by accident.  This particular group just happened to consist of none other than James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew.  Remus Lupin had made sure that all of his remaining school supplies, clothes, and valuables were locked securely into his trunk.  This precaution was meant for unfriendly Slytherins that might just find themselves creeping through the Gryffindor’s things in search of an embarrassing item that might just ruin the rest of their lives, but mainly for his friends who enjoyed doing the exact same thing. 

                “Will I be seeing you lot over the summer then?” James asked his friends, while wrestling a pair of underpants into his overflowing trunk. 

                “Be seeing me for sure.  Don’t know if I can stand another summer with Mum and Reg moaning about some other Muggle neighbor moving into the block,” Sirius stated, kicking the end of his bedpost to vent his frustration.  He was always like this at the end of another school year.  James couldn’t blame him.  He had stayed at Sirius’s house once, and he was practically begging to leave by the end of it.  The details were a bit too awkward to explain though. 

                “Don’t worry, Padfoot.  You’re always welcome at ye olde’ Potter Manor,” James said. 

                “Don’t boast you bigheaded git,” Sirius said grinning ruefully at his best friend. 

                “C’mon Paddy, you want me to be sophisticated now?  Well that’s surely going to happen,” James said.  Both boys busted out laughing.  It got to the point where they were both rolling around on the floor, tears streaming from both their eyes. 

                “Oh come on you idiots, it wasn’t even that funny!” Remus snapped.  He was in a particularly irritable mood because he was helping Peter pack for home.  Peter just happened to have lost his wand, and both Pettigrew and Lupin couldn’t help but suspect Potter and Black for being responsible for this little mishap. 

                “You two are being complete dolts!  Just tell us where you put Wormy’s wand,” Remus begged, trying to rub the exhaustion from his eyes with his thumbs.  Remus had been waking up every night now with vivid dreams of the moon.  It wasn’t the worst dreams that had ever happened to wash over him in his not-so-peaceful slumber, but he was easily frightened by the moon.  It was his mistress.  It was his controller.  And by having these horrible dreams of his controller was dead scary, and it had gotten to the point of absurd annoyance.  The exhaustion was the worst part, but he was used to that.  Being a werewolf did have its prices. 

                The two dark haired boys looked at Remus with pity.  He had dark circles under his caramel brown eyes, and his sandy hair looked more limp and lifeless than usual.  They had begged Remus to take a dreamless sleep potion, but he had refused.  Seeking help from Madam Pomfrey made him feel weak. 

                “Should we give it to him, Prongs?” Sirius asked looking apprehensive. 

                “It would ruin the fun,” James said. 

                “But tell me, is it the right thing to do,” Sirius asked, trying to keep a straight face. 

                “Fine, be a dick!” James said, grinning at Sirius.  He extracted the wand from his robes.  It was covered in pink lace. 

                “Perfect name to call me in the situation,” Sirius winked. 

                “No coincidence, mate,” James winked back.  He handed Remus the wand.  Remus looked puzzled.  Both boys watched as their friend unwrapped the wand. 

                “Women’s knickers?”  Remus asked in disbelief.  “Women’s knickers?  You have to be joking!  You two are sick,” James and Sirius collapsed on James’s bed gasping for air in their long awaited last laugh.  The prank was actually meant for Peter, but he was looking for his special shampoo in the showers.  They had stolen that from him as well.  

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