Impossible Love

This story talks about how a girl(me) fights with her obstacles and makes her dream come true...
She, with her BFF, go to a competition and meets 5 fabolous boys, but she falls in love with one guy and has to break his heart for his own good...


1. The Opportunity

I just fought with my mom, I was really sad and desapointed with my life... I was hoping that a miracle happen and I was going to feel good again. Then I hear an ad of The X-Factor on the TV that said:

Compere:-Do you think you have the potential to participate on the most prestigious competition of all the country?!Well, come to our auditions...

When the ad finished I sent a text to my BFF Hailey and Emily that said:

"Hi girls, I need you to come to my house I need to tell u something"

When they came, we went to my room:

Emily:-Well,why did you wanted to tell us?

Me:-I wanted to ask you what do you think if I ask you to participate in The X-Factor?!

Hailey:-Are you crazy?!There competes the most talented people!

Me:-Yes, that's why! I want to prove my mom that I can do something or at least try it.

Emily:-Well, I trust you Vanessa, I want to participate with you!

Me:-Yay! Thanks Em!What about you Hailey?

Hailey:-I don't know...

Emily and Me:-Please!


Both(E&M):-Thanks Hailey! We love you!!!!

Hailey:-Me too,me too...

~At the day of the audition(On Hailey's house)~

Emily:-Good morning lazy!

Hailey:-Emily!What are YOU TWO doing here?!

Me:-We just wanted to make us sure that you're not going to be late to our audition!

Hailey:-Agh!Now I remember...

~At the studio~

Attendant:-Hi girls!How can I help you?

Hailey:-We want to do the audition...

Attendant:-I need your name here!

We signed the paper:


Attendant:-Your Welcome!You can go in!

We went in and we found an stage, a BIG stage!

Judge 1:-Hi girls! What's the name of your band?

Emily:-Strawberry Crushes!

Ok...That name was really weird but she wanted to put it and Hailey and I didn't know what name to put so... It was the only name we had...

Judge 2:-Wow! That's a very original name!


Judge 3:-What are you going to sing?

Me:-We are going to sing My heart will go on of Celine Dion

Judge 2:-You can start.

We start to sing and when we finish the judges said:

Judge 1:-Wow girls that was amazing!

Judge 3:-Thanks for participating, come tomorrow to know if you enter...



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