Impossible Love

This story talks about how a girl(me) fights with her obstacles and makes her dream come true...
She, with her BFF, go to a competition and meets 5 fabolous boys, but she falls in love with one guy and has to break his heart for his own good...


2. The boys

So we went the next day and this is what happened:

Me:-"Em,look, we won the audition!"

Hailey:-"Wow!, I can't believe that we're in..."

Em:- "We told you that we were good!"

We were so excited!!!!I called my mom and told her, she sounded so impressed and for the first time she told me that she was so proud of me!!!!It felt so damn good!

  We went in and we saw 5 amazing boys practicing, THEY  WERE SO CUTE AND TALENTED!!!then I noticed that they were staring at us so I stopped seeing them. One of them came to me:

-"Hi, how are you?"-he said

Me.-"Hi my name is Vanessa but you can call me Vane!"

-"You have a nice name, mine is Liam,Liam James Payne."-He was so kind and handsome and... I was getting so distracted on him that I didn't noticed that he was talking to me:

Liam:-"Am...Vane...Are you ok?"

Me:-"Oh, yes sorry!"   

Liam:-"So, do u want to practice with us in our house?"

Me:-"Oh yes sure!! Ah and they are my best friends Hailey and Emily,but you can call Emily Em and Hailey... Well Hailey doesn't have a nickname, so call her Hailey..."

Liam:-"Hahaha, you're so funny!"

We went to practice with the guys and they were awesome!

Liam:-"Sorry I didn't presented you! They are Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Niall..."

Then Liam said:

-"So Vanessa..."

Me:-"Yes Liam?..."

Liam:-"Why do u don't sing for us?"

Me:-"Oh, mmmmm...Ok!"-I said a little bit nervous."

Then we start singing:

Me:-"There's a fire in my heart..."

Em:-"Reaching the fever pitch it's bringing me out the dark..."

Hailey:-"Finally I can see u cristal clear..."

When we finish singing the guys said:

Niall:-"You sing better than us!

-"That's not true!"-Hailey said looking Niall

-"Yes guys, you sing better than us"-When I said that I noticed that Liam was staring at me and he didn't stoppped...That was kinda weird...

Then Zayn said.

-"Well, we better stop..."

Harry:-Why don't you come with us to eat something?"

Niall:-"Let's go to Nando's!"

Me:-"I don't have any problem with that, do you girls"

Em:-"For me, it's ok... Do u Hailey?"

Hailey:-"I'm not sure..."

Me:-"Please Hailey, do it for us, only one time in your life!"

Hailey:-"Well, it's ok.... Let's go to Nando's!"

When we arrive there Harry was staring at some girl:

Louis:-"Harry, are you here with us?!"

Harry:"Yes Louis!"

Louis:-"So,why do u don't go and talk to her?!"

Harry:- "To whom?"

Louis:-"To the girl you don't stop staring!"

Then Harry standed up and went to talk with the girl.


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