Impossible Love

This story talks about how a girl(me) fights with her obstacles and makes her dream come true...
She, with her BFF, go to a competition and meets 5 fabolous boys, but she falls in love with one guy and has to break his heart for his own good...


3. New Girl

Harry's P.O.V

I went to talk with that girl, she was really pretty!

-Hi!, my name is Harry- I said nervously

-Hi. I'm Natalie! How are you?- She said shyly

Vanessa's P.O.V

Then we saw that they were laughing and all that, so we invited that girl with us.

-So, what's your name?, I asked to her.

-My name is Natalie

Me.-Mine is Vanessa, and they are Hailey,Emily,Liam,Niall,Zayn, and Louis.

Natalie:-Hi guys nice to meet you!

All:-Nice to me you too!

I hear my cellphone ring so I took it and see it was my friend Frida.

Me:-Hi Frip! How are you?

Frida:.-Hi,can I go to your house?

Me:-Oh, sorry we are in Nando's .

Frida:-Oh, no problem!

Me:.-But you can come if you want.

Frida:-Thank You!

The day passed and Frida, Hailey, Emily, and Natalie became friends.

Guys:-Girls, can u tomorrow come our house?

Girls:-Yes, sure!

We went to our houses waiting for tomorrow...


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