Impossible Love

This story talks about how a girl(me) fights with her obstacles and makes her dream come true...
She, with her BFF, go to a competition and meets 5 fabolous boys, but she falls in love with one guy and has to break his heart for his own good...


5. First Competition

I went the boys and Emily and Hailey to the competition, then we saw Simon there:

Simon:-Hi guys!
Zayn:-Hi how are you?

Simon:-Fine thanks!Are you ready to compete tonight?

Hailey:-Yes, but against who?Us?

Simon:-No, there are 4 more crews...


Simon:-The Faq,Gun,Last Blast and Super Summer.

Harry:-Ok... I really don't know who they are ,but ok!

Louis:-Oh, please Harry!
Harry:-That's true!, we don't know them!!!

Zayn:-Ok, ok let's compete...

The competition started and the guys were first, they sang a song named "Torn"

Em:-Wow!Girls they sing awesome!

Then 1D came to us:

1D:-Hi girls!

Me:-Hey guys you sing awesome!

Liam:-Thanks honey! When you're going?

Em:-I think we're going last ones...


Hailey:-I really don't know!

Liam:- Well, they're leaving the best for the end! ;)

He was really cute, but REALLY CUTE. And he was really handsome! I think I'm getting in love...

Then The Faq went then Last Blast,Super Summer, and then Gun went to the stage.

When they finish we've gotta go...

Louis Walsh:-Hi Strawberry Crushes!How are you?

Hailey:-Good thanks for asking!

Simon Cowel:-What are you going to sing?

Me:-We are going to sing "Someone like you" from Adele

Dannii Minogue:-Ok you can start!

Me:-I've heard, that you settled down and you found a girl then you...

We continue singing,and the only thing that came to my mind was Liam....

Sharon Osbourne:-Wow girls! That was amazing!!!


Then the compere said:

-The eliminations are the next week! See you!

Then I went running into Liam's arms, then I saw Emily with Zayn and Hailey with Niall!, they seemed so happy!!

Me:-So Liam...

Liam:-Yes honey?

Me:-What you were going to tell us?

Liam:- Ammm... It's cause we need that Natalie come here...


What did u think?

Any questions?Sugestions?




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