Impossible Love

This story talks about how a girl(me) fights with her obstacles and makes her dream come true...
She, with her BFF, go to a competition and meets 5 fabolous boys, but she falls in love with one guy and has to break his heart for his own good...


6. Do you want to hurt me?!

I called Natalie and asked her to come.



Me:So, guys what are you going to tell us?

Liam:-Oh, yes...It's cause we feel that you're very important to us and...

-We want you to be our girlfriends!!!!!-Niall interrupted.

Nat:-Oh, Harry I'm honored! Obviously yes!!!!

Liam:Vanessa, do u?

Me:-Oh, Liam I love u too, but...-He looked me like"Oh, no"

-I feel that maybe the competition may affect our relationship...Sorry! :/-I continued.

Liam:-Oh,don't worry love, it's ok! :(

Niall:-And u Hailey?

Hailey:-Sorry Nialler, I feel the same...


Em:-The same, sorry...

I felt bad for Liam,Niall, and Zayn, but it's better like this...

At the next day we saw the guys with Natalie on a cafeteria:

Nat:-Hi Van!

Me:-Hi Nat, how are you?

Nat:-Fine, you?

Me:-Fine thanks!

Niall:-Why you don't join us?

Em:-Oh, we have practice...Sorry!

Zayn:-Oh no problem! We went to Hailey's house to practice, but we can't get concentrated on our music, so Hailey's mom came...

Mom:-Hi girls!

All.-Hi...-We sounded disappointed that she noticed it...

Mom:-What happened?


Mom:-Tell me honey, I want to help u!

Emily told her all the story, and then she finally said:

-Oh, I'm sorry, but if I was in your place I would do the same...

Me:-Thanks for the help!

Mom:-You're Welcome!!!!, you should go to the competition!

Me:-Yes, thanks!

We went to the competition, The Faq went first, then Last Blast, and then Super Summer.After Super Summer One Direction went: We saw that they were nervous, we didn't know why! They sang:"Beautiful Goodbye"... That hurt so much! What did they wanted to say with that song? When they finished we went to the stage and sang "Payphone"

Then the compere said:

-After this messages we will know who's going home!So, don't change the chanel!!!!

I saw Liam angrily and said:

-Why did u sing that?! To make us feel bad???

Liam:-Sorry... I told you that wasn't a good idea guys!!!!

All except me, Hailey, Em, and Liam: Sorry...

Then we went to the program again:

Compere:-We're back to The X-Factor! Now we are going to say the names of the groups are saved:

-Last Blast

-Super Summer

-One Direction and....

-STRAWBERRY CRUSHES!!! See u on The X-Factor the next week!!!

Then I saw someone coming to me, that face was familiar.... Who the hell was him?!



Unknown:-Do u remember me?


Unknown:No!, yes ... I'm William!!!

Me:-I missed u!!!!!

William:-I don't see u since...

Me:-First grade!!!!!


Niall:-Sorry, who are you?

William:-Vanessa's friend.

Niall:-Oh, hi! Nice to meet u!

William:-The pleasure is mine!

Niall:.-Hey, do u want to come with us William?

William:-And the girls?

Hailey:-We can't...


Me:-We have to do something of the school! This is our last month of school and we don't want to miss it!

William:-Ok, but don't get mad!

All the guys:-Ok, bye!

William's POV

The guys were so funny, I don't understand why Van was so nervous and angry with them?!

Me:-May I ask something?

Liam:-Yes, what?

William:-Why the girls were so upset with you?

Zayn:-Because we sang a song dedicated to them, and the message wasn't so beautiful like the tittle of the song says...

William:-What's the tittle?

Niall:-"Beautiful Goodbye"...

William:-What's the message?

Harry:-I remember your eyes were so bright, when I first met you how in love we were that night... Now I'm kissing your tears, goodnight. I can't take it, you're even perfect when you cry...

William:-Oh, now I see it...

Liam's POV

The song was specially to Van, they guys understand the situation of the other girls... But I didn't, that's why they said that we have to sing that song, to give her an indirect, and she wouldn't notice it... But she did and that was a problem... 



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