Only Dreams Can Be This Real

Ok so HONESTLY I love Dani and El but inorder to make the story flo... I had to cut them out! I DON'T HATE THEM! sooooooo I home you laugh and check out The1Dwalrus's movella Totally Normal!!! Please!

The Dresses for the dinner


3. The Perfect Fit

We were driving in my car to the closest dress shop in our town. As soon as we got there we each picked a dress and took turns trying then on. Vicky was first, she came out in a gold dress that was tight up top with a black belt in mid tummy, then the dress puffed out a little. Everyone was amazed at how beautiful she looked. She must have read her minds cause she asked "Do I really look good?" "You look amazing!" we all said in unisn, wow, that's a first. Next was me! I put on a simple black dress, knee length, that layered with ruffles, and had a silver bow on the waist. As I stepped ou I got yesses and reassuring nods. So I went with it! Next was Natalie, she had a deep blue, pencil skirt dress, with white sequins going in a long short pattern at the bottom. Then Bailey was next, she came out in a light green, one shoulder dress, it came wih a black belt at the waist. Finally, Vanessa was up. This one I swear Natalie fell over Vanessa looked so good in it. It was crimson red dress, and it had a black thick mid tummy belt, but instead of layed ruffles it had fabric bunched up to look messy. And it was an obvious yes when Natalie fell over! Next we hit the store next door for shoes! But let's just say, don't let Vicki or Vanessa where a heel taller than one and a half inches. Unless you feel like having to help them up every ten minutes. I got some heals that were plain silver. Bailey got some light green sandles but they were more chunks than sandals. Natalie got some deep blue heals to match her dress. And Vanessa found the perfect flats for Vicki's dress. They were black and had a few gold gems on them. I managed to find some crimson heels for Vanessa too. We all got earrings to match our dress. We were ready for tomorrow!
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