Only Dreams Can Be This Real

Ok so HONESTLY I love Dani and El but inorder to make the story flo... I had to cut them out! I DON'T HATE THEM! sooooooo I home you laugh and check out The1Dwalrus's movella Totally Normal!!! Please!

The Dresses for the dinner


7. Seriously Natalie?

Kayla's POV

So I decided to invite Niall over for a movie night! Something I will never do again! So anyway! When we became something he told me he liked scary movies! Well I hate them so I figured... Cuddling! Niall was a bout to get here so i put on some sweats and a tank. I pulled out Bailey's scary movies and went to the living room. Then the door rang and I ran up to get it. "Hi, come in!" I said as Niall walked in with a rose. He gave me the rose. "It's beautiful!" "Like you!" he replied. "What are we watching?" he asked as he sat on the couch, he was matching me in sweats and a t-shirt. "Well I don't have movies so I took Bailey's scary movies." "cool!" *halfway into the movie* "where is Natalie and Bailey?" Niall asked "I'm pretty sure there staying out with Zayn and Louis." I replied. Just then Natalie walked in the door. She went to her room and came back with her pjs on. She sat on the couch. "So, what are we watching..? Oh and I hope you don't mind, I invited some people!" she said I looked at Niall who seemed a little confused. "Uhh well me and Niall were-" I was cut off by the door which Natalie got within a second. When she got back she came with Bailey, Vanessa, Vicki, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam.

Niall's POV I was happy to see the boys, but I was hoping to make a move on Kayla. We hadn't kissed yet and I was going to make that happen. We were texting to make an excuse to leave. "Were going to go get some fresh air." I stated while getting up "want us to pause it?" Natalie asked "no i've seen it."

Kayla's POV

Niall was so smart, a brilliant idea even though I didn't need air. We stepped out back and sat in the grass. We watched the stars and I began to get cold. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in closer. He looked into my eyes and said "You know, your eyes make the stars look like nothing." then what I wasn't expecting. He leaned in and kissed me.


#$%^&^%%$%^ AUTHORS NOTE #$%#&$&^$

Heyyyyyyy! Your Octopus Here! So my friend here she made an AWESOME movella about the One Direction its called Totally Normal! She is also my CO-Writer the name is The1Dwalrus sooooo! She is like 1000000x funnier than me! so check out her movella! PLEASE!


Love you my Octopuslings

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