Only Dreams Can Be This Real

Ok so HONESTLY I love Dani and El but inorder to make the story flo... I had to cut them out! I DON'T HATE THEM! sooooooo I home you laugh and check out The1Dwalrus's movella Totally Normal!!! Please!

The Dresses for the dinner


13. Home of the... Cheese Heads?

Vanessa's POV

I  was just informed that we were going to Wisconsin! where harry and I would go to pet shops and stare at little fluffy marshmellows! (aka cats) I was so happy! oh yea, and then were going to be staying at the dells! (* short A/N if you couldnt already guess i chose Chicago to base the story's town! so the story takes plase in the US) Fun!

Liam's POV

I am hoping that Vicki is slightly afraid of water rides that are set up like a rollercoaster! I always feel braver that way! oh and Hazza isnt one for them, so Vanessa will drag him, simple! in the middle of my thoughts of my hair Vicki pets my head... "Uhh?"

Vicki replies with "I think you would look good in a buzz cut."

Hmmm weird... " I was just thinking that too!"

Vicki then carries on like nothing happened.

Harry's POV

Im getting sea sick just thinking of the water park! And the worst part is im not on a boat, and were no where near the SEA! I poped in our new album Take Me Home (Who else has it!) to calm myself and Vicki and Vanessa squeal with joy. Vanessa is so cute when she squeals! Now to twitter... *searching through and finds tweets of Natalie missing* "Shit" i say and then come the questions.

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