Only Dreams Can Be This Real

Ok so HONESTLY I love Dani and El but inorder to make the story flo... I had to cut them out! I DON'T HATE THEM! sooooooo I home you laugh and check out The1Dwalrus's movella Totally Normal!!! Please!

The Dresses for the dinner


9. Holiday

Niall's POV

So the boys and I were about three days away from our holiday. I have already invited Kayla to stay the month with me in my holiday house. It will help me have alone time with her. Louis was about to ask Natalie, and Liam and Zayn's were going to surprise Vicki and Bailey tomorrow. Harry and Vanessa were booking a flight to Japan. They heard there was a place where you could have tea or coffee with a room full of cats. Tipical. So me and Kayla were heading for a walk! Our first day in public. We were going to the park then for Ice cream. Kayla got her sunglasses and I got mine. She grabbed her bag and we left.

Natalie's POV

Louis brought me out back and I was wondering why... He sat me down ( he knows me so well ) a d asked me to stay at his holiday house. I almost fell out of the chair. But managed to accept. I'm not supposed to tell Vicki and Bailey... Hmmmm.

Bailey's POV

Zayn and Liam were Acting strange... Like unuasally strange. It was weird. I asked them what was wrong and they spilled. And I thought Vanessa was bad! But I was deffintily excited!

Kayla's POV

He was perfect! We were at the park heading for the swings! We seemed too old but we each sat on a swing and held hands. We were perfect! After a few minuites. We left for Ice cream
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