Only Dreams Can Be This Real

Ok so HONESTLY I love Dani and El but inorder to make the story flo... I had to cut them out! I DON'T HATE THEM! sooooooo I home you laugh and check out The1Dwalrus's movella Totally Normal!!! Please!

The Dresses for the dinner


6. Gettin Serious.

A/N Hello the octopus speaking! We all know hour our little Boo Bear has a twitter outrage? Well to apologize we need to tweet him a sorry. Nothing but a sorry message! Ok Buh bye octopuslings

Kayla's POV

It has been a week... I have Niall's number, but I think it's fake... I should just try. "You can do this!" I mummer to myself. I pick up my phone, I open my draw and grab the paper, then I punch in the number. I hesitate before I hit call. I place it to my eat, one ring... Two rings... Then someone picks up. "Hello?" I here a thick Irish accent. "H-Hello" I stutter. "Kayla? Is that you?" he questions me "yea." "You called! I thought you would never call!" " I thought I had a fake number!" I giggle we begin to talk for hours on end! We got on to the subject of food. Not surprised. But I told him I was starving. He told me to hold on, to get all pretty and dress up. So I did, I was wearing a skintight white dress with white heels and my pearl necklace my mother gave me. I just finished when the door rang. I went down to here Bailey yell "KAYLA IT'S FOR YOU!" I came down to see Niall, all dressed up. He took my hand and to his car. We stepped in and went to dinner.

Natalie's POV

I came home to no Kayla. Hmh that's odd. I grab my phone and see I have a text, it's from Louis! He wants to take me to the ice cream parlor with Vanessa and Harry and Vicki and Liam! I reply with of course! And he picks me up! How fun! I love ice cream, and maybe we can play truth or dare... Hmmmm.

Bailey's POV

Zayn texted me asking if I liked the arcade... Hm weird. I replayed with a yes and he picks me up and we went to haunted trails! *hours later* we won so many things! He even got me a teddy bear! He was just perfect!!! His eyes, smile, laugh everything!

Kayla's POV

Dinner was amazing!!! He took me to a beautiful resteraunt, it had a big name so I don't remember it. And then we were off to his flat, he claimed he had a surprise. *minuites of driving* we got there and into his flat, it was huge! The gift was amazing tho. He went to his room and came out with a box, it was small tho. When he opened it inside was a ring, Not a marriage ring, a promise ring! I was officially his girlfriend! I put it on and ran into his arms! I grabbed my phone, called Natalie to tell her I was staying the night, and me and Niall made snacks and cuddled up to watch a movie!

Natalie's POV

Looks like Kayla hit it off with Niall! While we had a interesting game of truth or dare! "Lou!" Harry said "I dare you to kiss Natalie!" A gasp from Vanessa went on... Really!

Louis's POV

I was sooooo happy when Harry said that! I didn't think Natalie liked me that much tho! I leaned in and she was... Waite! She was kissing back! Yes! She likes me!!! I hope... When we finished we ended up just kissig each of the girls we fancied! Liam and Vicki and Harry and Vanessa! Them too were cute together!
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