Only Dreams Can Be This Real

Ok so HONESTLY I love Dani and El but inorder to make the story flo... I had to cut them out! I DON'T HATE THEM! sooooooo I home you laugh and check out The1Dwalrus's movella Totally Normal!!! Please!

The Dresses for the dinner


8. Drama!

Me and Niall walk into the front room hand in hand. And, being the sielence breaker, Vanessa was the first to speak. "AWWWWWA!" really Vanessa? And louis got it the mood for a game, or course, truth or dare.

Niall's POV

We began the game. Kayla kept her hand In mine. Out fingers locked together. What she didn't know about our promise ring is that mine clicked to hers.

Natalie's POV

So we began! Louis asked Niall, him being the 'dare devil' took dare. "I dare you to kiss Kayla!" he yelled. What a shocker! He lent in and they had about what seemed like and hour! (which was like thirty seconds) passionate kiss. Then Louis didn't want to wage so he asked Hazza. He picks truth most of the time so... I felt the need to tell "WIMP" Kayla and Niall were done by then and rolling on the floor laughing! Louis told Harry to confess his love to who he liked. He met eyes with Vanessa. She turned beat red. He stutters at first "V-Vanessa." then gives her his famous cheeky grin. She replied with a HUGE grin and a RED face.

Vanessa's POV

I just realized that Liam and Vicki were in a 'deep' convorsation. And HARRY FREAKIN STYLES LIKE ME! HOLY SHIT! This is flipping amazing! The game was over though and Harry took me upstairs. We sat on the upstairs bed and talked for hours. He was perfect! We ended up falling asleep next to each other. Then next ting I know I wake up in his arms cuddling! I fell back asleep because this moment is too good to be true!
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