Tell Me A Lie

[Mature Content] Liam's sister, Clara has been dealing with hardships all her life, will the situation she encounters change her? Clara meets Louis and Eleanor when she moves to Cheshire, where she also meets Harry. How will they impact her life and will she fall in love?
What's going to happen to Zayn when the horrible accident happens?


14. Surprise Visit

I woke up to Liam freaking out. I rolled over and realized it was 10 am. Why was he up this early and what was wrong now?
"CLARA COME HERE!!" I walked down the stairs tiredly, not excited to see what he was going on about. "Why are you wearing that sweater?!" He freaked out the second he saw me. 
"I don't know, maybe cause I was cold? Harry gave it to me." I replied, rubbing my eyes.
"Okay. Mum and Dad are coming here. In two hours and this house is already a mess." He said, sighing heavily.
"It's okay, we can clean it up quickly. I'm going to go wake up Harry, Louis and Eleanor so they can go home." I replied, going to the living room in the basement.

"Louis, Eleanor..." I shook their shoulders gently, trying to wake them up.
"Oh my gosh! Why are we here! Clara, I'm so sorry!" Eleanor sat up quickly and kept apologizing.
"It's okay! Don't worry about it!" I smiled and Louis woke up too. He apologized as well. They went upstairs and waited for Harry. 
"I'll go get him." I ran up the stairs and went into the extra room that was there. "Harry, wake up, you have to go home." I said, and took his sweater off. "Here, get up." I said, putting the sweater down on his chest. He opened his eyes slowly and groaned. 
"Whyyy are you waking me upppp?" He asked tiredly. 
"My parents are coming over and I need to clean here. I'll come see you later." I replied as he sat up.
"Okay, bye love." He kissed me on the cheek and went downstairs. I heard Liam say good-bye to them and then the front door close. I folded the blankets and put the pillows away that Harry used.
"Clara, are you almost done?" Liam called out to me and I went downstairs. 
"Yeah, I am now. Can we talk?"I asked, ready to tell him how I felt about Harry. 
"Sure sis, whats up?" He asked, sitting down on the couch.
"I kind of like Harry..." I said quietly.
"Aweh Clara! That's so sweet, but trust me if he hurts you, I'll hurt him!" Liam laughed and gave me a big hug. "He seems like a good guy, we talked briefly before he left and a little bit last night." 
"Oh really?" 
"Yeah, he's quite sweet and cheeky." Liam said. I heard the doorbell ring, it must have been my mum and dad.
"Where's Dani and Niall?" 
"Upstairs, they're just getting ready and they'll be down soon." Liam replied and went to go answer the door. 
"MUM! DAD! I've missed you!" I got up and ran to the door and jumped to hug my dad.
"How was your trip?" They had went to Paris, and decided not to bring Liam and I, but I'm glad it was good.


~Later that night~ 
"Well it was nice seeing you both, we are going to head back home now." Mum said to us. 
"Bye Danielle, bye Niall, nice to see you as well." Dad said, waving.
"Love you guys!" I said, walking back into the kitchen where Niall and Danielle were.

"So, you and that Harry guy?" Niall said in a teasing voice. 
"Yeah, I kinda fancy him" I said, blushing.
"Awwww!" Danielle jumped up and hugged me unexpectedly. I laughed and told them about him.
"Seems like a good lad, we should have him over sometime and not at 3 am." Niall laughed and went upstairs. 
"Do you think I could go to Harry's?" I asked Danielle.
"Sure why not love?" She asked, getting a cup from the cupboard to get something to drink.
"I don't know if Liam would let me." I replied.
"He thinks hes a good guy Clara, don't worry about that. Just take it easy and don't go really fast." She answered with a smile.
"Good point, I'm gonna go get ready."

I said goodbye to Liam and Danielle but didn't see Niall anywhere and I left the house. I remembered how to get to Harry's house from when we drove there with Louis and Eleanor.
When I finally got there I rang the doorbell and heard him come running for the door. When he opened it, he was wearing a grey shirt with black jeans. He looked amazing. 
"Clara! I wasn't expecting you!" He said with a smile. 
"Sorry, I just wanted to see you." I said.
"No problem, come in." I walked in and his house smelt of cinnamon. 
"It smells good in here." I laughed and set my bag down near the stairs to the upper floor and then followed Harry into the kitchen.
"My mum was here about an hour ago and she made food, so that's probably why." He laughed and leaned on the table. "What shall we do?" He smiled at me.
"I don't know, we can do anything you want," I replied with a smile.
"Anything?" Harry said with a cheeky grin. I swallowed hard and nodded slowly. Suddenly, before I knew it, I was up against the wall and he was kissing me. I pulled away to take a breath.
"I wasn't expecting to do that but okay." 

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