Tell Me A Lie

[Mature Content] Liam's sister, Clara has been dealing with hardships all her life, will the situation she encounters change her? Clara meets Louis and Eleanor when she moves to Cheshire, where she also meets Harry. How will they impact her life and will she fall in love?
What's going to happen to Zayn when the horrible accident happens?


4. Pain

I opened my eyes to be look straight at my ceiling. Trying to sit up, I felt a shooting pain go through my head. 
"Clara, finally you woke up!" Maya whispered estatically. 
"Why are you whispering?" I asked, very confused. 
"I don't want your headache to get worse. How is your jaw feeling?" I lifted my hand to it and touched it. It was tender, and I knew there would be a bruise there when I went to look in the mirror.
"Not surprising but it really hurts." I suddenly remember Liam. I shot up from my bed and ran to Liam's room, but he wasnt there. 
"Maya, where's Liam?" I asked her, standing still in my doorway. 
"Oh, he's downstairs!" She replied, very chirpy. I ran down the stairs, my head pounding with pain. I gasped when I saw him.
"Liam! Your eye!" His eye was purple and slightly swollen. He smiled, and hugged me. 
"How is your jaw baby sis?" He asked, but there was no time for me.
"HOW AM I?! You got pummeled by that guy! Are you okay?" I asked, frantic for answers.
"Of course I am, just never going to throw that big of a party again anytime soon!" He laughed. He seemed so casual with everything that had happened. 

I laid down on the couch once Maya had gone home, and put ice on my jaw. 
"How does that feel? Trust me, once I see that guy again, he won't be able to walk. No one can hurt my baby except for me!" Liam laughed and pulled the ice away so he could see my jaw. I was right, there was a bruise, just slightly outlining my chin. It wasn't feeling that bad anymore, thank God. With a little makeup, I was sure I'd be able to cover it up for school.


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