Tell Me A Lie

[Mature Content] Liam's sister, Clara has been dealing with hardships all her life, will the situation she encounters change her? Clara meets Louis and Eleanor when she moves to Cheshire, where she also meets Harry. How will they impact her life and will she fall in love?
What's going to happen to Zayn when the horrible accident happens?


7. Moving Out

Liam and I dropped Maya off at home after we said good-bye to Danielle at the restaurant. 
"Liam, can I tell you something?" I asked, somewhat avoiding eye contact. He turned his head, but kept his eyes on the road.
"Yeah sure, what is it sis?" He replied, smiling. I took a deep breath and got ready to tell him.
"I want to move to Cheshire to go to a University there." I said quickly, just trying to get it out. He gasped a little and then started to talk.
"Well I think that would be good for you, but I'm going to miss you way too much."He said to me, keeping his voice steady. Liam and I had been growing up here in Wolverhampton ever since we were born, it would be hard to leave for me. "I'm coming with you." He said suddenly.
I shot forward from my seat and widened my eyes at him. "No. What about Danielle? And Niall and all your other friends?" I asked, extremely shocked.
"They are old enough to decide if they want to come with me. I mean why not? Maybe Niall and I can pursue our dreams of singing." I nodded slowly, trying to process the thought of us just leaving. Especially our mum and dad. 

When Liam and I arrived at home, we immediatley called our parents. 
"Mum, Liam and I want to move to Cheshire." I said simply into the phone. At first, her voice shrieked through the phone, making me have to hold it away from my ear, but I heard my father soothing her in the backround. 
"They're old enough now, don't worry, they will be able to do this love. Clara, just be safe and don't get into trouble, and tell Liam the same thing. We will come visit you as soon as possible, but if the case is that you're both moving out, we will be staying here for a few extra weeks." My dad was the best, he always knew the right thing to say. 

"I think we should start packing..." Liam said, setting my bag down and eyeing the room. I nodded and laughed and ran up to my room. I started by pulling all of my clothes out of my closet and folding them so they would fit in a suitcase. I looked around my room; I had been in this room since I was a little girl. I remember Liam would come in here at night and sleep with me when I had nightmares, he would always scare all the "monsters" out of my closet. I packed up almost everything in my room within three hours.
'Well that was fast.' I thought to myself. I went to see Liam standing in his room, everything put into big brown cardboard boxes. I saw his Woody doll sitting on the top of a box, he was just looking at it. 
"Toy Story.." I whispered with a smile. He turned around and grinned. Toy Story was his favourite thing as a kid. 

We woke up the next morning quite early so we could leave to Cheshire as soon as we could. Last night, Liam found a flat that was a nice size for us to live in. 
"Guess what?" He said, with a cheeky grin. 
"Hmm?" I was very tired, barely managing to keep my eyes open. 
"DANI AND NIALL ARE COMING WITH US!" He yelled, jumping up and down. I smiled. 
"Yaaay." I said, beyond exhausted. 

Liam put all of our stuff into the back of his car and we went to pick Niall and Danielle up. This was actually happening and we were really moving to Cheshire.

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