Tell Me A Lie

[Mature Content] Liam's sister, Clara has been dealing with hardships all her life, will the situation she encounters change her? Clara meets Louis and Eleanor when she moves to Cheshire, where she also meets Harry. How will they impact her life and will she fall in love?
What's going to happen to Zayn when the horrible accident happens?


8. Cheshire & My Promise

Liam and I got into his car and drove off. Blasting music, we sang to eachother and laughed. 
"Niall and Danielle are coming with us!" He smiled, and I grew with excitement. I realized how I would be quite far away from Maya. I would miss seeing her basically every weekend, but I knew there was always time to meet new people and make new friends.
"Are we picking them up now?" I asked, turning down 'I'm Sexy and I Know It'. Liam nodded, and we went to Niall's house first.
"Can ya go get him love?" Liam asked, and I of course agreed. Running up to Niall's house, his mum opened the door for me.
"Hi dear, are you here for Niall?" She asked, welcoming me inside. I nodded and she shut the door behind me. 
"Niall! Clara's here." She called for him, and he came rushing down the stairs. 
"Do you have food in the car?" He asked, carrying a bunch of stuff down to the front door.
"Niall, don't be so rude, you can get food when you get there." His mum scolded. He looked at the ground, a bit embaressed.
"Haha," I laughed, "Don't worry, we're going to stop and pick something up after we get Danielle." I smiled and helped Niall bring his stuff to Liam's car.
"Hey lad!" Niall exclaimed. We stuffed the many things Niall brought into the car, and he managed to sit in the back seat, boxes poking at his head. 
"We pickin Danielle up?" Niall asked, leaning over to see Liam and I in the front. 
"Yeah mate, we're going right now." He replied, not taking his eyes off the road. 

We arrived at Dani's house and I went to get her again. Somehow she fit into the backseat with all of our things that we were bringing.
"This is going to be a long car ride." She muttered under her breath. I laughed and slowly fell asleep, I was tired from waking up early this morning. 

"Clara, Claraaa wake up!" I heard Liam saying as he shook my shoulder. I slowly slipped back into reality and sat up.
"ARE WE HERE?" I said, suddenly extremely excited. I opened my door quickly and stumbled out. I looked around; Cheshire was beautiful. 
"Liam I can't believe this!" I squealed and ran and hugged him tightly. The house Liam had bought was perfect for the 4 of us to live in, I could tell the next few months would be great. I had to promise myself I wouldn't let any boys ruin this. 

I brought my bags and such up to the room I got. Looking around, I noticed a door that led somewhere. Setting my bag down, I went over to the door. There was blinds pulled over a window, it must have led outside! I unlocked it and pulled it open, revealing a patio. 
I gasped. The sight was so pretty. 
"LIAM!! COME LOOK!!" I yelled to him, laughing to myself. I heard him run up the stairs and come into my room.
"Clara? Where are you?" He asked, stumbling around my room. 
"I'm out here!" I peaked my head around the door and motioned for him to come out. He grinned and ran to the door.
"Woah this is awesome!" He laughed, patting me on the back. "Unpack though, lets get settled in quickly." He smiled and walked away. 

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