Tell Me A Lie

[Mature Content] Liam's sister, Clara has been dealing with hardships all her life, will the situation she encounters change her? Clara meets Louis and Eleanor when she moves to Cheshire, where she also meets Harry. How will they impact her life and will she fall in love?
What's going to happen to Zayn when the horrible accident happens?


15. Alone

I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck and he lifted me up, causing me to wrap my legs around his waist as well. He held just below my chest and continued to kiss me. It felt weird doing this, I didn't even know how to kiss someone like this, what if I was doing this wrong? 
"Am I doing it wrong?" I asked, breathing heavily. Harry burst into laughter.
"You've never kissed anyone before?" He asked. I shook my head. "You're pretty good for your first time then." He smiled at me again and put his lips to my neck, and breathed there.
I've never been alone with a guy before, but I liked it. I ran my fingers through his hair, like I had seen in movies and he moved back to my lips and kissed me continually. 
It felt like we had been doing that for hours, but eventually he let me get back on my feet. I sighed heavily and he grinned. I smiled back shyly. It had only been 10 minutes since I'd been at his house and this had already happened. 
I felt my phone vibrate. 

'hey, whatcha doing?' It was Liam. I had to make up a lie quickly.
'making something to eat with harry, you?'
'watching a movie with Danielle, you staying there?' 
'most likely, do you mind?' I asked, hoping he would say no.
'go for it, see you tomorrow x' 
'love ya x' I replied, smiling and putting my phone in my pocket. "Who was it love?" Harry asked, leaning on the table again.
"Liam, wanted to know what we were doing." Harry's eyes widened. 
"You didnt tell him did you..." He seemed scared and I started to laugh.
"Of course not!" I kept laughing and he smile and shook his head. "Good. What should we do now?"
"I don't really know. Lets watch movies." I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards me. He was really tall compared to me, I only came up to his shoulders.
"Okay, and by the way Louis and Eleanor are dating." Harry said smiling. "Good job on that one." He kissed me on the cheek and we went upstairs. I grabbed my bag on the way up. 
I assumed we were going to Harry's room, and when we walked in it was surpringly quite tidy compared to other guys rooms I've seen. Niall.. Liam.. I smiled to myself. 
"What should we watch?" He asked. I shrugged. I wasn't interested in a movie at the moment. I just wanted to lay there and talk again.
"Lets just talk again." I said forwardly. Harry nodded and set the movie cases back down on the table he had in his room and got onto his bed. Before I knew it, it was happening all over again but this time it was a bit different. 

He picked me up effortlessly and set me ontop of him, and kissed me passionately. I expected this more than I did the first time. I kissed him back, a bit nervous. Harry made his way down to my neck and we rolled over so he was on top of me. I tangled my fingers through his hair and let him kiss me. I felt his hand go up the back of my shirt, reaching at my bra.
"Harry.." I said, afraid of what was going to happen next. 
"Don't be scared, it's okay." He whispered and pulled my shirt off and then his. He kissed my side and made his way back up to my lips where we kissed for at least 10 minutes. My phone started ringing. I ignored the call and threw it beside us on the bed. Harry picked me up and pushed me against the wall again, my legs wrapped around him the way they had been downstairs when we first kissed. 

Somehow, this felt so right. I didn't feel scared anymore, I trusted Harry and knew he wouldn't be doing this if he didn't feel right about it either. 

Our night ended with us laying in bed watching a movie, I was curled up beside him, his arm around me as I slowly fell asleep; smile on my face.

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