Tell Me A Lie

[Mature Content] Liam's sister, Clara has been dealing with hardships all her life, will the situation she encounters change her? Clara meets Louis and Eleanor when she moves to Cheshire, where she also meets Harry. How will they impact her life and will she fall in love?
What's going to happen to Zayn when the horrible accident happens?


11. Admiring

My head was filled with weird thoughts of Harry. Why did I feel different about him? I swore I wouldn't do this to myself. 
"Liam I'm home!" I yelled when I walked into the house. I heard him come running down the stairs.
"Finally! Where were ya?" He asked, hugging me briefly.
"I just went back to the ice cream shop." I shrugged.
"Oh, why have you been going there this much?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I shrugged again and took my shoes off to go into the kitchen. "Claraaaa, you have to tell me! Is there a boy?!" He suddenly seemed panicked. 
"No! I just like it there, and I met this guy named Louis and a girl named Eleanor. They're really nice." I replied with a smile, but didn't look to see his reaction.
"WHY ARE YOU HANGING OUT WITH ANOTHER GUY!!!" He freaked out, he was so protective of me. I heard Dani coming down the stairs, she must have heard the commotion.
"Liam, calm down! Clara's 17, she can handle this!" She laughed, smiling at me. Danielle was amazing, she was always there for me.
"Yeah Liam, plus Louis and Eleanor fancy eachother... AND He's 20 so calm down!" Danielle and I laughed after that and he seemed annoyed but I knew he was okay with it now. 
"I want to go back again today." I replied, even though it may be weird going back the same day.
"I don't think so. You're gonna stay here for a bit with us." He said, I think he was being too over protective.
"But Liaaaammmm!" I complained, making a sad face to bug him.
"Let her be. Clara, why don't you go somewhere else then the Ice Cream Shop with your friends?" Danielle suggested.
"GOOD IDEA!" I ran upstairs to my room so I could text Louis. 
'louis, want to hang out? we could invite el and harry xx'
'yeah sure, lets go to the cafe near my house x' 
'okay, heres my address ______, pick me up soon' 
'gotchaa love see you soon xx'

I brushed my hair so it didn't look so tangly, and fixed my makeup so I looked nice. I was never like this before and I've only been here 2 days, but I really took a liking to Harry. I hope this didn't escalate. 

The doorbell rang just as I was coming to the stairs. Liam tried racing me to the door and he made it before me. 
"Who are you!?" He said kind of annoyed. I pushed him out of the way.
"Sorry, that's my brother and he's jealous I'm hanging out with other boys besides him." I said sarcastically. Louis laughed and Liam crossed his arms, "I'm not jealous, I just don't know him." He mumbled. 
"I'm Louis, you must be Liam. Clara told me about you." Louis stretched his hand out to shake Liam's when finally Liam held his out too. "How old are you mate?" Louis asked.
"I'm 19. Oh, and this is Danielle." Liam stepped to the side to reveal Dani coming to the front door.
"Nice to meet you Danielle." Louis smiled sweetly, he was such a gentleman. 
"Well, we should probably get going. Eleanor is waiting for us, and we have to get Harry still." Louis said, motioning to come to the door. 
"There's another boy going?!" Liam shook his head and Danielle just brought him upstairs. I loved the way Liam was being so protective over me.

Louis and I got into the car and we went to get Harry.
"Your brother is funny!" Louis said laughing.
"Oh no, he's so embaressing!!" I shook my head but laughed too. We explained what happened to Eleanor until we finally got to Harry's house. He didn't live far from me, it would be a 10 minute walk to get to his house from mine. Louis called him and he came out to the car. Opening the back door, he slid in next to me. 
"Hey love." He said, greeting me with a smile. My heart quickened. 
"Hi" I said with a smile. Harry said hello to Eleanor and Louis and we went to the cafe. 

I didn't order anything, I wasn't thirsty or hungry when we were there. For a few minutes, I kind of faded off; I wasn't talking, just paying attention to what was going on around me. Harry was poking Louis and making Eleanor laugh. The way his green eyes glistened in the light was beautiful and his smile could light up a city.
"Claraaaa... Uhhh Clara?" I heard people talking to me. OOPS!
"Oh sorry! I was just thinking about something!" I laughed awkwardly. 
"It's okay, what's on your mind?" Louis asked, sitting down so he could listen.
"Oh, just my parents, I miss them. I haven't seen them in a while." I lied, not wanting to tell him it was about Harry.
"Don't worry I'm sure you'll see them soon!" He said and ruffled my hair. He got back up and started fooling around with Harry. Not long after, El sat down beside me to talk. 
"I could tell that wasn't about your parents... What's up?" She asked, smiling sweetly. I felt like I could really trust her, she seemed like a good person to talk to. 
"I think I fancy Harry a bit, but I'm scared to like him. I just sit back and watch him, just to see what he's like." I said quietly.
"Ahh, I've known Harry for a while. Well I have seen him many times in the Ice Cream Shop, but he seems like a good kid." El smiled, and continued, "Just be careful, he has a reputation of playing girls." She said grimly. 
"Oh." I replied, worried I would just be another toy in his game... If he even had feelings back. I slumped down into my chair and looked at him. His hair was strange and different, but I liked it, a lot. 
"Clara, if you start off slow with him unlike all the other girls he's been with, it could work out." She replied, noticing my mood go from happy to confused and sad. 
"Good point, thanks Eleanor. It means a lot, I'm gonna do this." I looked at Harry again, admiring him from afar. Seemed like I'd be doing that for a while. 


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