My Irish Prince

After a long stressful interview, Julia decides to go to Starbucks and grab a coffee. While she was there, she met 2 girls, One named Eleanor and the other named Danielle. The next day, Eleanor and Danielle invite Julia to Danielle's house but when Julia arrived, she noticed that there was a boy with blonde hair and eyes the color of the ocean, and that's when her heart flipped.


3. Two new roomates

The darkness ended as my eyes fluttered open. I saw blue eyes. They were a deep blue and they were's Niall's eyes. "Julia? Are you awake?"'s Niall. "I'm fine. Where's Eleanor and Danielle? What happened while I was out? Call Elea-" "They're on their way here and the boys are coming also. I got here as fast as I could. It's only been 3 hours since the fight. Sandra is in jail because she cut your head and she also kicked you in the face." I didn't actually care about what happened to me, I wanted to know what happened to Eleanor and Danielle. The door opened and 2 people came in. It was Eleanor and Danielle. "Julia! Your alive!" Danielle had the biggest smile on her made me so happy."Of course I'm alive!" At that moment, I noticed the big, purple bruise on her cheek and a scar on the corner of her forehead but at least the scar wasn't big, it was about 2 centimeters long. "El, what happened to your fa-" "Sandra punched me and she cut my forehead." She covered her cut with her bangs thinking I didn't see her. The door opened again. It was Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. they ran in with teddy bears, baloons, and flowers. Lots of them. They dropped the bears, let go of the baloons and placed the flowers on a little coffee table that had lots of cards but I decided to read them after. " Julia, how's your little head?" said Zayn jokingly. I touched my head and it was all covered in bandage. It really hurt, in fact it hurt so much I commanded Danielle to get the nurse. My head felt do heavy." Miss Julia, I have some good news and bad news......" What couldn't get worse? "The good news is you can leave the hospital today if you want but the bad news can't walk, drive, bike or do anything because when you stand up your head will feel heavy and you won't balance. It's a pretty weird result but until next week, no walking or driving." "Ok but, how am i going to get home, eat, go to work, go to school or do anything important?" The thought of me not going to work kills me even if I don't get the job, I still can't go. "We already informed you school and your office. And by the way, you don't have to go to summer school because school is ending in a month anyways so your clear." I nodded and gave Niall a "get me out of here" look. I can't stay at my house alone and i don't want Niall to invite me over because I don't want to start anything I can't finish, so I decided to stay at Danielle's. "Boys, can us girls talk alone a minute?" said Eleanor with a worried look. The boys nodded and they left. "I want to say at Danielle's." I just said it straight forward so they wouldn't have another 
"plan" for me. "That will work perfect. Plus, Eleanor is too busy with Louis and Liam And I are always around." " I didn't know you were dating Louis and you were dating Liam! That explains why you guys know them. That's so cute!" I couldn't help but giggle and smile at them while they did the same. After our giggles and smiles, the girls helped me put on some sweatpants, a tanktop, a sweater, and some flip flops. Danielle called Liam in so he could carry me to the car. When he picked me up, all of the boys said bye except for Niall, he kissed me on the cheek and smiled. A tear streamed down my face but i smiled because Niall was the one.

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