My Irish Prince

After a long stressful interview, Julia decides to go to Starbucks and grab a coffee. While she was there, she met 2 girls, One named Eleanor and the other named Danielle. The next day, Eleanor and Danielle invite Julia to Danielle's house but when Julia arrived, she noticed that there was a boy with blonde hair and eyes the color of the ocean, and that's when her heart flipped.


2. The girl who ripped my hair

"Hello, you must be Julia!" " Yep that's me!" " I'm Niall and that's Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis." I gave the other boys a "hello" look."JULIA!!! Your here!!!" I heard Eleanor scream and jumped on my back. "Of course I'm here! Why wouldn't I be!" I shot her a questioning look and she knew what I meant. She dragged me to a room where Danielle was sitting down on a bed like she was prepared I was coming. "Which one?" asked Danielle. "What do you mean?" I was REALLY confused. " Which one do you like? The blonde one? The one with the crazy, curly hair? Or the one with a mowhawk, well sorta a mowhawk?" I thought hard so I wouldn't be embaresed. " When I saw Niall, I felt a spark. My heart flipped and.....I just......It just felt right." Danielle and Eleanor looked at each other with a relieved look. " I guess the plan worked!" Danielle's words floated through my mind, I guess the plan worked. They dragged me back to the living room and I noticed there was another girl sitting next to Niall. No........Sandra Caffer. My arch enemy since the 7th grade. " Hey, Tramp!" she said looking at Danielle. " Don't call her that! Anyways what are YOU doing here!?" I couldn't help saying it. I just wish she could die in a ditch and you know what they say, Bitches die in Ditches. "Why shouldn't I? I mean she is a darling when it comes to friends but after she-" "STOP BEING MEAN!!" yelled Eleanor. I'm surprised none of the boys tried to stop us but after Eleanor said that, the pot was boiling. Sandra ran up to Eleanor and just smacked her in the face. I always had this problem of not holdong in my feelings so i couldn't help but punch her in the nose. Oops. Bad mistake. She grabbed the back of my head and started to tug on my brown, curly hair while hitting me, or at least trying to, in the face. The last thing know, I'm on the floor bleeding, crying and yelling. Now, all I see is darkness.
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