My Irish Prince

After a long stressful interview, Julia decides to go to Starbucks and grab a coffee. While she was there, she met 2 girls, One named Eleanor and the other named Danielle. The next day, Eleanor and Danielle invite Julia to Danielle's house but when Julia arrived, she noticed that there was a boy with blonde hair and eyes the color of the ocean, and that's when her heart flipped.


6. Oops, I lost my phone

After our picnic, we sat under the stars. The night was beautiful and the moon was shining bright.I wasn't sure if Niall was staring at me or if I thought i was being stared at. I turned to Niall who was actually staring at the sky. I wondered if Niall was awake or if anyone was home or what time we were going to leave. I wasn't in a rush trust me. "Hey Niall?" No more silence."Huh?" "Um, what time should we leave?" "I don't know. Now if you want." "Do you mind if you could bring me home now?" What the fuck is wrong with you Julia? I can't beleive I said that. The look in his eyes were upset. He was enjoying this like I was but it's not my fault I was distracted by my curiosity. "Ok let's go then." He stood up and helped me stand up. He grabbed my hand and i held it tight. We walked quietly to the car. THe car ride was also quiet and awkward. Why did you do that? Why are you so fucking stupid? I couldn't help but think about what I have just done. It's not bad that I "wanted" to end the date but there was just this little voice in my head saying it was all my fault. We arrived at my house and he opened the door for me. He walked me to my apartment and once we arrived he said, "I had so much fun today Julia. I love you." He kissed me. His lips were like sugar, sweet. "I love you too." I hugged him tight then he went home. I was smiling like an idiot. I opened the door which revealed a little bengal kitten. It was my cat, Cher. She was the cutest little cat you could ever see. I only named her Cher because that was my best friend's name. Her name is Cher Lloyd. She was on the X Factor and now she's a superstar. She never talks to me because she never has the time. I picked up Cher and closed the door. Cher was like a stuffed animal. She made me happy no matter what. I walked to my room and layed down on my bed. I set Cher on my stomach and pet her back. I deided to call the human Cher so I reched for my phone but then I realized, I don't have it. I don't have it because it was in Niall's pocket. Three words. Fuck.My.Life.

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