My Irish Prince

After a long stressful interview, Julia decides to go to Starbucks and grab a coffee. While she was there, she met 2 girls, One named Eleanor and the other named Danielle. The next day, Eleanor and Danielle invite Julia to Danielle's house but when Julia arrived, she noticed that there was a boy with blonde hair and eyes the color of the ocean, and that's when her heart flipped.


4. My date

Once we got to the house, I couldn't stop thinking of Niall. He loves me and I love him. I know I do. "We're here!" said Dani. I thought having roommates would be fun but now, I regret telling the girls I wanted to stay with one of them. My mind is playing tricks on me. Niall was a stanger but now, he's more like a best friend. What's funny is that when i tried to walk to my wheelchair,since I can't walk, Liam caught me in the act so he ran to me and scooped me up like nothing happened. I giggled. He smiled. I told him to push me so he doesn't have to worry about carrying me but he insited. Once we got in the apartment, he plopped me on the couch. "Where am I going to sleep?" "You'll sleep in the guest room." I noticed that Dani wasn't in the house. She might be taking a shower. She might be sleeping. She might be.....anywhere. Suddenly, Liam and I heard a loud sound coming froom the bathroom. "Danielle!" I had to say her name, I was so worried." I'm fine. It was the mirror." She was lying and I knew that because she started to waddle. I asked Liam to put me in my room so I can "talk to someone on the phone" in private. "Tell Danielle I'll be with the boys." I agreed and when the front door closed, I crawled to Dani's room. "Tell me the truth." "What are you talking about?" "How did you hurt your foot?" "I fell but I'm fine now." There was a knock on the door so I crawled to the door and opened it to a beautiful sight. Niall. "Hey! Come in!" "Hi, beautiful!" I blushed as i crawled on the couch. He turned on the TV and said,"Julia, wanna go on a date tonight?" "I would love to!" I can't beleive I'm going on a date with Niall, the man of my dreams! I leaned and kissed him on the cheeked and then went back to Dani's room. "Niall just asked me out!" "Why is he here? He's probaably looking for Li-" Someone knocked on the door. Niall opened it and I heard 4 familiar voices. it was the boys. I told Danielle to tell evertone I'm sleeping so i can pick out an oufit and get ready. Tonight was going to be great!

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