My Irish Prince

After a long stressful interview, Julia decides to go to Starbucks and grab a coffee. While she was there, she met 2 girls, One named Eleanor and the other named Danielle. The next day, Eleanor and Danielle invite Julia to Danielle's house but when Julia arrived, she noticed that there was a boy with blonde hair and eyes the color of the ocean, and that's when her heart flipped.


1. The boy at the door

Julia's P.O.V

After the last bell rang, I ran to my locker and grabbed all my stuff. I ran to my car and drove to my apartment as fast as I could. I cant miss it I thought. I really didn't want to miss the interview.The interview was in an hour and i couldn't miss it. After i got into my garage, I fled out of the car and raced upstairs to the 3rd floor. I opened my apartment door and dashed right into the shower. I shaved my legs, brushed my teeth, did my hair (it wasn't hard but it was stressful) and put on my clothes. I looked at the clock.5:48 pm Uh-Oh! I have 10 minutes to get there! I was ready so I dashed out the door and went back to my car. After I drove for 20 minutes, I finally arrived. Phew! I locked my car and dashed inside. "Hello Julia" i heard a voice say behind me. i turned around and there she was. My -maybe- new boss. she had a black skirt and a black blazer with a white shirt under it and some white flats. Decent. i had jeans, a jack wills t-shirt, a navy blue sweater, and my white TOMS. Sorta Decent. I followed in a room and she asked me lots of questions. But after the interview was over I sat in my car thinking if I should grab a coffee or go straight home. Coffee. I drove to starbucks and ordered my regular Caramel Fraupaccino with Whipped Cream. As I started to walk towards the door, a girl bumped into me. "Im so sorry I-" "No its fine it happens" I said trying to sound as polite as possible. "The names' Eleanor by the way." "Juliaand nice dress!" It was true, her dress had pink and white flowers all over it and the straps crossed in the back, she had a neat bun and she also had black flats."Julia you should come and sit with me. I'm here with my friend Danielle" I said ok and followed her to a table.I sat down and she introduced me "Danielle, this is Julia."said Eleanor. "Pleasure to meet you Danielle" I said trying to sound calm and not nervous. We started talking for a long time and I liked these girls. They were nice but in the middle of our conversation, Danielle's phone rang. It was a text. "Eleanor we have to go. Nice talking to you Julia and sorry for leaving early." "Julia you should come to my place tonight. Be there at 7:00 ok?" I agreed and left. When I arrived home I walked to my bedroom and chose an outfit for tonight. I decided to go casual but decent. I chose my purple skinny jeans, a white jack wills shirt which had JACK WILLS printed in black on the back, and my black converse. I decided to bring a sweater just in case so i brought my navy blue one.When it was about 7:20, I arrived at Eleanor's. I knocked and the door swung open. There was a boy standing there. His shiny blonde hair, his bright eyes the color of the ocean and his smile as big as the sun. At that moment, I felt butterflies, goosebumps, the chills and my heart flipped.

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