the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


12. Yes I have seen her

Harrys POV:

It's been two months since Jessica has been kid napped and I am not giving up. Tonight me Julia and Niall are going around asking people if they have seen her. We head over to the park first since that's we're it happened. When we got to the park there was two boys about my age. One taller an one shorter, we walked up to them and they looked at us and laughed. I wounded why they were laughing.

Julias POV:

We walked up to two teenage boys about our age and they started laughing at Harry. " um why are you laughing at him." I said and then they stopped and there eyes filled with lust. I was scared and Niall could see this do he said " listen dude stop we are just here to see if you know where our friend Jessica is. She has blonde hair and blue eyes that turn green when as is sad or scared." the boys had a smirk on there face and turned to each other and then turned back an said. " um I think we have seen her around ya um I think she is the one in our house right Daniel?" " ya isn't she the one that's really good in bed?" " oh ya she is quite something, isn't she dating you Harry?" he pointed at Harry who I could tell was pissed off. " yes she is and I swear if you hurt her you will be sorry you ever touched her." daniel had laughed and said " well I sure am not sorry I touched her especially when we had a nice old thre-" he was cut of by Harry punching him at in the face and Daniel fell to the floor.

Nialls POV:

How could someone do such a thing to Jessica. It seemed like she wasn't fragile but I could tell she was. Harry was on top of this douche Daniel and was punching him in the face. I went to get him off of daniel and when I did I couldn't find Julia or the other boy anywhere. Omg that fag bag took Julia now me and Harry were both beaton daniel up. When we got off I balled my eyes out Harry was pissed off that they touched jessica and now Julia. He saw something in the woods and couldn't stop staring.

Harry's POV:

I saw her blazing red hair be swept away into the woods so I ran towards the path in the woods. Niall was far behind me and when we were about half way into the woods we were both jumped. Then the last thing I remember was Niall blacked out on the dirt path. That's when it went pitch black
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